Ohio University

Graduate Student Art History Symposium 2018

Graduate Student Art History Symposium 2018

OHIO Graduate Student Art History Symposium
April 6-7, 2018
Mitchell Auditorium, Seigfred Hall

Featuring guest speaker, Dr. Holly Witchey
Friday, April 6 • 5:00–6:00 p.m.

An annual Art History Symposium organized for and by graduate students, and presented by the art history graduate students in the School of Art + Design, and the School of Interdisciplinary Arts at Ohio University. This year, 26 graduate students from OHIO and around the country converge for two days to present on a wide range of individual research topics.

Presentation Abstracts (pdf)

Full Schedule:

Friday Morning April 6 (9:00-10:30 a.m.)

Lisa Quinn, “The Twenty-First Century Academic Art Museum: A Space for Contemporary Exhibition,”
Art History, Ohio University

Hayley McGuirk, “Manifesting the Modern Woman: A Visual Representation of First-Wave Feminism in the
Work of Frances Benjamin Johnston,” Interdisciplinary Arts, Ohio University

Daniel Bataller, “A Brazilian Utopia: Anarchy and Revolution in the Misplaced Modernism of Glauber
Rocha’s Deus e o Diablo na Terra do Sol (1963),” Art History, University of Illinois at Chicago


Friday Morning April 6 (11:00a.m.–12:40 p.m.)

Caitlin Clay, “The Tyranny of Expectation: An analysis of female identity in Martha Rosler’s videography,”
Art History, Texas Christian University

Heather Bougher, “The New Apelles: Titian’s Ekphrastic Revival,” Interdisciplinary Arts, Ohio University

Lindsey Blair, “Gustave Moreau: Defying Gravity,” Art History, University of Iowa

Alida Jekabson, “Uncovering a Local Icon: Fetishism and Agency in the Tapada Limeña,” Art History,
Hunter College, CUNY

Lunch Break (12:40-2:30)

Friday Afternoon April 6 (2:30-4:30 p.m.)

Ryan Harrison, ‘“Sorrow’s My Body on the Waves”: Repetition and Recording in Ragnar Kjartansson’s “A Lot
of Sorrow,’” Interdisciplinary Arts, Ohio University

David Kencik, “Tintoretto’s Brazen Serpent, Scuola di San Rocco, Venice,” Art History, Ohio University

Julia LaPlaca, “‘A Multiplicity of Particularities’: The Iconography of Wealth in the Cleveland Museum of
Art’s Portrait of a Man,” Art History, Case Western Reserve University

Emily Cranz Richards, “Maps, Sailing, and Making Venetian Space,” Interdisciplinary Arts, Ohio University

Kailey Fairchild, “Clock-Time in Hogarth: Glorifying Time Discipline in Eighteenth-Century England,”
Art History, Southern Methodist University


Friday Evening April 6 (5:00-6:00 p.m.)

Welcome by Julie Dummermuth, Director of the School of Art + Design

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Dr. Holly Witchey, Director of Education & Outreach
Intermuseum Conservation Association (ICA)
“Is it a Giorgione? The ethics of authenticity in American museums.” 

Saturday Morning April 7 (9:00-10:40 a.m.)

Candace Bembenick, “Japanese Animation: Princess Mononoke,” Art History, Ohio University

Alexis Hudgins, “A Dialogic Understanding of Reality Television,” Department of Visual Arts, University of
California, San Diego

Chuanyang Chen (Helena), “Dancing on ‘the Ship of Death’: The Pictorial Situla in the Nanyue King’s
Tomb of the Western Han,” Art History, University of Florida

Jacob Zhang, “Not Tongzhi: The Dialectic between Chinese Photographer Ren Hang and the ‘Chinese
Homosexual,’” Art History, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago


Saturday Morning April 7 (11:00a.m.–12:15 p.m.)

Naren Gao, “The Politics of ‘Dark Roosters’: Shifting Perception of Zhang Ding’s Art.” Art History,
University of Kansas

Eric Birkle, “Bronzino’s Portraits of Eleanora of Toledo,” Art History, Ohio University

Maria Mikhaylovna Shevelkina, “Agnes Martin’s Shimmering Humor: Drawings and Drawing-Paintings,”
Art History, Hunter College, CUNY

Lunch Break (12:15-2:00)

Saturday Afternoon April 7 (2:00-3:15)

Marco Cerqueira, “Aby Warburg: the ‘Lecture on Serpent Ritual’ revisited,” Art History, University of

Rawya Aljared, “Petrocultural Consumerism in the Arabian Gulf,” Interdisciplinary Arts, Ohio University

Lior Shragg, “Can’t Keep Quiet: The Sounds of the 2017 Women’s March on Washington,” Interdisciplinary Arts, Ohio University


Saturday Afternoon April 7 (3:40-5:20p.m.)

Chao Zhao, “A Turning Point of Art in Modern China: The Storm Society and the Transformation of
Chinese Cultural Identity in the Early 20th Century,” Interdisciplinary Arts, Ohio University

Hannah Thome, “Ravelry.com: Augmenting Fiber Craft Communities and Social Making with Web 2.0,”
Art History, Ohio University

Rachel Harper, “The Artist David Choe,” Art History, Ohio University

Jennifer Cantu, “Veronese’s Annunciations,” Art History, Ohio University

Keynote Speaker Bio:

Holly Witchey has a Ph.D. in European Painting and Sculpture and thirty years of experience in museums and higher education. She is currently Director of Education & Outreach at the Intermuseum Conservation Association (ICA), the nation’s first non-profit regional art conservation center. 

Dr. Witchey teaches graduate-level museum studies classes for Johns Hopkins University and Case Western Reserve University. In 2016 she launched Cleveland Philanthropy, a small educational 501(c)(3), because she believes that shared inspirational stories have the power to shape the future of urban cultural development.
Dr. Witchey served on the board of directors for MCN and as the AAM Board-appointed member of the National Committee for Archives, Libraries, and Museums (CALM). 
From 1991-1999 she was Associate Curator of European Art and Manager of New Media at the San Diego Museum of Art, and from 2000-2009 she was Director of New Media at the Cleveland Museum of Art. In 2016 she was named as one of the most interesting people in Cleveland by Cleveland Magazine.