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B.A. in Studio Art

Studio Art

Bachelor of Arts degree program

What You'll Learn

As a Studio Art major, you’ll gain a variety of skills and techniques that will enable you to work successfully in fields related to art or to pursue graduate study. You may enter the School of Art + Design as a B.A. in Studio Art major, or apply directly to the B.F.A. Studio Art Major. You’ll be required to complete studio foundations and art history. You can then choose to continue with a B.A. in Studio Art or in Art History, or you can apply to one of the B.F.A. degrees.

Career Opportunities

Studio art majors often find success entering graduate schools, working as professional artists or in related art and design fields, and developing innovative, entrepreneurial positions.

  • Admission

    If you’re a first-year applicant or a transfer student, there are no requirements beyond University admission. If you are a current Ohio University student with a desire to transfer into the studio art program, there are no selective or limited admissions requirements.

  • Earning your degree

    Many students choose to pursue the B.A. Studio Art degree because it provides easy access to elective courses, freedom to double major, and opportunities to study off- campus.

  • Studio Art Faculty

    Our faculty are acclaimed artists and scholars dedicated to equipping students with diverse skill sets and to fully preparing them for studio art professions or graduate studies.