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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

The Graphic Design program focuses on sustainability and social impact, while developing a capacity for critical thinking, problem solving, and innovation. Courses will give you the opportunity to study the symbiotic nature of design and culture in local and global communities. Our interdisciplinary approach encourages a comprehensive understanding of the role of design and its relationship to fine art.

Program Information

All students enter the School of Art + Design as Bachelor of Arts (BA) majors and share common requirements in general academics, studio foundations, and art history. To become a studio art BFA major in graphic design, students must first complete the Foundations Program, take two 2000-level studio graphic design courses (ART 2510 and ART 2520) plus two studios outside of graphic design, and submit a portfolio of studio work for review at the end of the sophomore year.

The division coordinator of Graphic Design is Mark Franz. Prospective students and others seeking further information about the program can reach Professor Franz at

Art + Design

Associate Professor, Division Coordinator of Graphic Design