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VISITING ARTIST: Filmmaker Irene Lusztig, “Yours in Sisterhood"

VISITING ARTIST: Filmmaker Irene Lusztig, “Yours in Sisterhood"

Sep 6, 2017

Irene Lusztig. Image by R. Ron Jones.

[Post event note]: Irene Lusztig's artist talk (09/06/2017) is available on the School of Art + Design's youtube channel.


The School of Art + Design Visiting Artists and Scholars Program, in partnership with Scripps College of Communication MFA in Communication Media Arts, is proud to present the first in an exciting series of on campus lectures by artists and scholars from across the nation.

Visiting artist, Irene Lusztig will present a lecture Wednesday, September 6, 5:15–6:15 p.m., in Schoonover Hall 145. Free, child friendly and open to the public.

Filmmaker, visual artist, archival researcher, and amateur seamstress, Irene Lusztig stops in Athens as she traverses the country filming through eight different states in 18 days—the final big filming trip for her current project: Yours in Sisterhood. Though not filming in Athens, Lusztig will offer a lecture on the project and screen a preview including freshly recorded footage from Ohio.

About the project: What might be revealed in the slippery space of inviting strangers to act-out and respond to 1970s feminism, in 2017? Yours in Sisterhood invites women, children and men in communities all over the United States to read aloud and respond to letters from the 1970s sent to the editor of Ms. Magazine–America’s first mainstream feminist magazine.


Irene Lusztig, Performers from Yours in Sisterhood

Filmmaker Irene Lusztig's project "Yours in Sisterhood," features people from all across the country, performing and reading letters to the editor of "Ms. Magazine" from the 1970s. Image courtesy of the artist.


The intimate, provocative and sometimes heartbreaking conversations with strangers that emerge from these spontaneous performances of forty-year-old letters make us think critically about the past, present and future of feminism, providing a space of reflection that is newly urgent in the aftermath of the 2016 election. Lusztig explores feminist filmmaking, feminist histories, strategies and process through a discussion of the materials and methods of the project.

Irene Lusztig’s film and video work mines old images and technologies for new meanings in order to reframe, recuperate and reanimate forgotten and neglected histories.  Often beginning with rigorous research in archives, her work brings historical materials into conversation with the present day, inviting viewers to explore historical spaces as a way to contemplate larger questions of politics, ideology and the production of personal, collective and national memories. Lusztig’s work has been screened around the world and received numerous grants and fellowships for her work and research.



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