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History Faculty Research Areas

Faculty Research by Subject Area

Faculty Research

Patrick Barr-Melej

  • Latin America

John Brobst

  • British Empire
  • Geopolitics
  • Intelligence History
  • Naval History
  • UK-US Relations

Michele L. Clouse

  • Europe; Early Modern Period
  • Spain
  • Medicine; Legal History

T. David Curp

  • Europe; Modern Period
  • Poland
  • Ethno-National Relations; Religious Life; Church-State Relations

Mariana Dantas

  • African Diaspora in the Americas
  • Atlantic World
  • Colonial British and Latin America

Joshua Hill

  • East Asia; Modern Period
  • China
  • Political Ideas and Ideals; U.S.-China Relations

Alec G. Holcombe

  • Southeast Asia; Modern Period
  • Vietnam
  • Colonialism; Socialist Reconstruction

Katherine Jellison

  • U.S. History
  • Women and Gender
  • Social History

Victoria Lee

  • Science and Technology; Modern Period
  • Japan
  • East Asia; Environment; Craft and Political Economy

Kevin Mattson

  • United States; Twentieth Century
  • Intellectual History; Culture and Politics

Jaclyn Maxwell

  • Mediterranean; Ancient Period
  • Roman Empire
  • Religion; Social History

Paul C. Milazzo

  • United States; Twentieth Century
  • Politics; Congressional Policy

Chester Pach

  • United States; Twentieth Century
  • International; Politics, Media, and Popular Culture

Assan Sarr

  • Africa; Modern Period
  • West Africa; The Gambia and Senegal River Basins
  • Social, Political, and Environmental History; Land Tenure; Peace and Conflict

Brian Schoen

  • Atlantic World; Nineteenth Century
  • United States
  • State Craft; Political Economy

Miriam Shadis

  • Europe; Medieval Period
  • Spain and Portugal
  • Women and Gender; Political Life

Ingo Trauschweizer

  • U.S. Military and Contemporary History
  • Modern European History
  • Cold War; International History; War and Society

Kevin Uhalde

  • Late Antiquity
  • Early Medieval
  • Early Christianity
  • Law & Society

Mirna Zakic

  • Modern Germany
  • Nazism
  • Ethnic Germans