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History professor Mariana Dantas, portrait
Dantas Publishes 'Early Modern Atlantic Cities'
"The Atlantic city spatializes the processes that shaped a first age of globalization and illuminates practices and tensions of a shared Atlantic past."

History Department

Students explore yesterday to help inform today and tomorrow. They grasp that humanity has the capacity to create the magisterial works hanging in the Louvre as well as the horrors of Auschwitz, or the inspiring wonder of Angkor Wat as well as the Killing Fields of Cambodia. And they understand that history propels our lives.

War of the Tanks

Military and International

Military, foreign relations, strategic, naval, national security history, and more.

Africa and Asia

Colonialism and Postcolonialism

The making and remaking of the modern world—power and its legacies

Big Ben at Night

Intellectual and Cultural History

Ideas, beliefs, and their historical context—including guilt, democracy, social order, equality

Tel Aviv jaffa

History of Religion

Belief systems, religious identities—and the interaction between religion and society

US Constitution

Political History

The stories of political power wielded among the world's societies over time

Maria II of Portugal

Gender History

How gender notions affected culture, politics, and social practices of the past