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Undergraduate Research in History

Research Projects

All undergraduate History majors are required to complete the department's research and writing methods course (HIST 3111J) and produce a research paper based on primary-source investigation. Students who choose to do so then present their papers each spring at a formal, day-long conference organized by the department's Undergraduate Studies Committee. Students may also submit their papers to the student editorial board of the Ohio University Undergraduate Journal of History.

Harvey Research Fellowships

The Harvey Research Fellowship is made possible through a generous endowment by Ohio University Professor Emeritus of History Richard Harvey and his wife, Karen. It is open to undergraduate History majors for awards of up to $1,000 in research funds that will enhance undergraduate research including, but not limited to, travel expenses for archival research, research libraries, academic conferences, tuition for language, archaeological, or other skills programs, and materials or equipment for research. Applications are solicited in the fall and spring. For more information, contact Dr. Joshua Hill, Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Randolph Stone Awards for Historical Writing

Given in honor of the first teacher of English history at Ohio University to promote and reward excellence in the writing of history, these awards are made annually for the best undergraduate term papers on historical topics. There are two categories: research papers (12 to 20 pages) and short essays (5 to 10 pages). Papers are submitted early in spring quarter. This award is open to undergraduates of any major who have written history essays or historical research papers in an Ohio University history course. For more information, contact Dr. Joshua Hill.