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Your Choices with an Arts & Sciences Degree

In addition to a fundamental education acquired through a liberal arts education, you will receive specialized knowledge in a major field of study that is likely to include a wide range of course options. Whether you pursue a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree, an Arts & Sciences degree is all about choice. If you have not settled on a major before coming to the University but are considering a major in Arts & Sciences, you are invited to apply as undeclared or "undecided" in Arts & Sciences, and you may even opt for advising emphasis by declaring undecided-humanities, undecided-social sciences, or undecided-science. All undecided first-year A&S students are enrolled in a "Learning Community" during the first semester at Ohio University.

The College of Arts & Sciences holds the distinction of being the largest and oldest college at Ohio University. Yet it is ever-changing to meet the needs of students. For example, an exciting array of language and culture classes attracts students from all majors—time-honored choices of Latin, Greek, French, German, and Spanish are available at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. But you might want to consider Russian, Italian, Japanese, Indonesian/Malaysian, Chinese, Swahili, or Arabic, instead of, or in addition to, more familiar languages. Another way to optimize the liberal arts experience, with language learning as a possible component, is to participate in one or more of the dozens of incredible study abroad options in locations around the world. For those interested in the study of language above and beyond meeting foreign language requirements, less commonly taught languages include a number of African and Asian languages, including Somali, Wolof, Twi, Khmer, Thai, and Vietnamese.

Outstanding juniors or seniors who maintain at least a 3.5 GPA may be eligible to graduate with "departmental honors." This prestigious opportunity to create a research project and/or write a thesis is provided by many departments in Arts and Sciences for their highly motivated students.

The College of Arts & Sciences supports more than 60 majors, including special-curriculum majors with a specific career-related focus, the undeclared (undecided) option refined by a humanities, social science, or science preference, 28 minors, and 12 certificate programs within 18 academic departments. Because of the flexibility of course selection allowed in many A&S majors, A&S students might find they are able to complete two degrees or two majors, for optimum use of their undergraduate years. Others add value by completing a minor and/or certificate program from the many offered.

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