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Students dust for fingerprints at STEMstart field experience
Get a Jump Start on Your Science Major


Get a Jump Start on Your Science Major

STEMstart Move in and Sign in

Saturday, Aug. 19

MOVE IN: Residence Halls open for Early Move-in from 8 a.m. to noon or early afternoon.

STEMstart students: You must check in and move into your Residence Hall before you check into the  STEMstart program at 5 p.m.

: 5 p.m. in Irvine Hall 199

Please bring a smart phone or laptop.

Parent Send Off: 5:15 pm

TEAM WORK begins 5:30 p.m.

Welcome Dinner provided for Students, Faculty, and Peer Mentors begins 6:30 p.m.

STEMstart: Aug. 19-25, 2023

Get a sneak peak of what's to come in your first semester and get a jumpstart on success in the sciences. 

  • Be ready for your first-semester biology, chemistry and mathematics coursework.
  • Move in early.
  • Meet "The Bigs" and other resources and study skills you'll need to succeed.
  • Get to know classmates, faculty, and even some STEM alumni.
  • Learn study strategies and benefit from academic advising.
Stemstart aquatic experiment

Solve "CSI Athens" and More

Academic Sessions and Field Trips

  • "CSI Athens"—Apply forensic chemistry and biology to solve a crime.
  • Math Circles—Find out the secret math handshake, and learn how to solve fun problems
  • Aquatic Biology—You'll get your feet wet on this field trip!
  • Genetics at OHIO Genomics Facility


  • Alden Library and Baker Center resources
  • Movies
  • Campus Resources Hunt
  • Canoeing, outdoor activities and lunches with mentors

About STEMstart

STEMstart introduces incoming first-year students (freshmen) to the expectations of college-level science and math courses—and provides a road map to resources and study skills that will help students succeed as a science major.

Science students are invited to come to Ohio University a week before fall classes. This science quick start program is designed to help students transition from high school into college-level biology, chemistry and math courses. Texts and resources will be available online.

Join faculty members and get immersed in your textbook, classroom lectures, lab experiments, and field trips. Get to know peer mentors who've been there and know how to navigate that first year of math, chemistry and biology successfully. Tour campus resources that can help as you wade through the expectations and challenges that make college different from high school. 

How to Apply

Application Deadlines: The priority application deadline was June 30.

Eligibility: All science majors, including undecided science majors, who are first-year (freshmen).

Cost and Payment Deadline: The program cost is a total of $1,000. That includes a program fee of $799 and a Residence Life early move in cost of $125 and the suggested eight meal plan at $76. Students also are strongly encouraged to have at least $50 in Bobcat Cash available. (Residence Life and food services will be billed to the student's Fall semester account.) The STEMstart Program Fee of $799 must be paid online by July 31. The priority payment deadline is June 30. No refunds will be made after July 31.

Scholarships are available for students with need, thanks to generous donors. 

Residence Hall: Students will move in early to their selected residence halls for the school year. 

Contact Us

For more information, contact us:

Corey Beck, Assistant Professor of Instruction in Chemistry

Stephanie Miller, Assistant Professor of Instruction in Biological Sciences

Faculty for STEMstart

Contact Person (for questions)

Stephanie Miller, Assistant Professor of Instruction in Biological Sciences, 740-597-2515,

Program Directors

Corey Beck, Assistant Professor of Instruction in Chemistry

Stephanie Miller, Assistant Professor of Instruction in Biological Sciences

Faculty Presenters

Anne Perez, Forensic Biological Sciences

Soichi Tanda, Biological Sciences

What to Bring

You'll be moving into the residence halls a week early, so bring what you'll need for your first semester at OHIO. Plus, field trips will include wading in streams and hiking at The Ridges, so bring a pair of sturdy shoes and sunscreen. For more on what to bring and moving in, visit the Residence Halls site.