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A&S Committees

Dr. Nukhet Sandal and Dr. Andrew Ross
Dr. Nukhet Sandal and Dr. Andrew Ross

2019-20 Committee Members

CASRHE (College of Arts & Sciences/Regional Higher Education) Committee

Recommends and works collaboratively with stakeholders to implement improvements in communication, coordination, and relationships across the College of Arts & Sciences and regional campuses.

Co-Chairs: Dr. Carissa Anderson (Assistant Dean, RHE), Dr. Sarah Poggione (Political Science/Associate Dean-Athens)

Members: Cynthia Anderson (WGSS-Athens), Kristi Barnes (Psychology-Southern), Bob Colvin (Biological Sciences-Athens), Chris Coski (Modern Languages-Athens), Todd Eisworth (Mathematics-Athens), Lisa Haven (English-Zanesville), Patrick Munhall (Psychology-Lancaster), Dywayne Nicely (Mathematics/Interim Dean-Chillicothe), John Prather (Mathematics-Eastern), Linda Rice (English-Athens)

Awards Advisory Committee

Determines recipients of Dean's Outstanding Teacher Awards, Grasselli Faculty Teaching Awards, Outstanding Faculty Research and Scholarship Awards, Outstanding Faculty Undergraduate Advising Award, Outstanding Faculty Leadership and Service Award, Grasselli Undergraduate Research Awards, and Outstanding Staff Award.

Chair: Dr. Sarah Poggione, Associate Dean

Members: Rebecca Barlag (Chemistry & Biochemistry), Fred Drogula (Classics & World Religions), Akil Houston (African-American Studies), Brandon Kendhammer (Political Science), Martin Kordesch (Physics and Astronomy), Chester Pach (History),  Tatiana Savin (Mathematics), Peggy Zoccola (Psychology).


Considers changes in college requirements; votes on acceptability of new programs, new courses, and course changes. Suggests appropriate improvements of proposals and ensures adherence to University Curriculum Council rules and guidelines. Members normally serve a three-year term.

Note: Questions concerning Curriculum Committee processes and forms should be directed to Dr. Sarah Poggione.

Chair: Dr. Sarah Poggione, Associate Dean

Members: Horacio Castillo (Physics & Astronomy), Mary Jane Kelley  (Modern Languages), Shamila Jayasuriya (Economics), Deborah Marinski (History-Southern), Ruth Palmer (Classics & World Religions), Randy Price (Assistant Dean), Kathleen Sullivan (Political Science), Kevin Uhalde (History), Lin Wei (Mathematics), Risa Whitson (Geography)

Faculty Development

Evaluates and ranks proposals for Faculty Fellowship Leaves, forwarded to the dean by the departments (once per year). Members normally serve a three-year term.

Chair: Dr. Brian McCarthy, Senior Associate Dean

Members: Scott Carson (Philosophy), Keith Markman (Psychology), Marcia Kieliszewski (Chemistry), Haley Duschinski (Sociology & /Anthropology), Brian McCarthy (Dean's Office), Edna Wangui (Political Science), Jill Ingram (English), Greg Nadon (Geological Sciences)

Professional Ethics

Investigates allegations of faculty or department chair violations of professional ethics not involving research misconduct; reports conclusions to the dean, the person accused, and the provost. May recommend reprimand, censure, or disciplinary action. [FS]-Faculty Senate appointment; [D]-Dean's appointment.

Convener: Dr. Brian McCarthy, Senior Associate Dean

Members: Susan Burgess [FS] (Political Science), Sherrie Gradin [FS] (English), Geoffrey Buckley [D] (Geography), Christopher France [D] (Psychology), Jennifer Hines [D] (Chemistry & Biochememistry), Soichi Tanda [FS] (Biological Sciences)

Professional Development Committee

Evaluates and ranks proposals for faculty development funding to acquire new skills or knowledge (three times per year); evaluates and ranks proposals for Humanities Research Fund and Faculty Learning Communities. Members normally serve a three-year term.

Co-Chairs: Dr. Brian McCarthy (Dean's Office), Dr. Sarah Poggione (Dean's Office)

Members: Robert Briscoe (Philosophy), Sarah Poggione (Political Science), Ahmed Faik (Environmental & Plant Biology), Robert Miklitsch (English), Thomas Vander Ven (Sociology), Alycia Stigall (Geological Sciences)

Scholars Program Steering Committee

Advises dean on implementation of Scholars Program.

Chair: Dr. Tom Scanlan (English)

Members: Christopher Coski (Modern Languages), Eric Stinaff (Physics & Astronomy), Julie White (Political Science), David Wanczyk (English)

Staffing Advisory Committee

Aids dean in assessing staffing requests from college departments; advises dean on priorities for positions to be filled and on final list of positions available for recruitment for the academic year.


Members: Carl Brune (Physics & Astronomy), Laurie Hatch (Dean's Office), Julie Owens (Psychology), Harold Perkins (Geography), Kelly Johnson (Biological Sciences), Lynne Lancaster (Classics & World Religions), Chester Pach (History), April Howard (Dean's Office), John Gilliom (Dean's Office), Brian McCarthy (Dean's Office)