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Intellectual & Cultural History Research

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The study of intellectual and cultural history is the study of ideas and beliefs in their historical context. Faculty members whose work falls under this category interrogate the ways overarching value systems, key words, and concepts—such as guilt, democracy, social order, equality—have been deployed by thinkers, writers, artists, and other cultural producers. Also important are the ways in which these concepts themselves mobilize broader society. More detailed information on below-listed faculty can be found on their faculty biography pages.

Patrick Barr-Melej

  • Latin America; Modern Period
  • Chile
  • Cultural Politics; Intellectual History

Michele L. Clouse

  • Europe; Early Modern Period
  • Spain
  • Medicine; Legal History

T. David Curp

  • Europe; Modern Period
  • Poland
  • Ethno-National Relations; Religious Life; Church-State Relations

Joshua Hill

  • East Asia; Modern Period
  • China
  • Political Ideas and Ideals; U.S.-China Relations

Alec Holcombe

  • Southeast Asia; Modern Period
  • Vietnam
  • Colonialism; Socialist Reconstruction

Katherine Jellison

  • United States; Modern Period
  • Women and Gender; Consumer Relations

Victoria Lee

  • Science and Technology; Modern Period
  • Japan
  • East Asia; Environment; Craft and Political Economy

Kevin Mattson

  • United States; Twentieth Century
  • Intellectual History; Culture and Politics

Jaclyn Maxwell

  • Mediterranean; Ancient Period
  • Roman Empire
  • Religion; Social History

Paul C. Milazzo

  • United States; Twentieth Century
  • Environment; Congress

Assan Sarr

  • Africa; Late Eighteenth through Twentieth Centuries
  • The Senegal and Gambia River Basin
  • Agrarian Society; Islam; Oral History

Kevin Uhalde

  • Mediterranean and Western Europe; Late Antiquity and Middle Ages
  • Roman Empire and Medieval Europe
  • Formation and Varieties of Christian Societies; Law and Legal Culture in Practice

Mirna Zakic

  • Europe; Modern Period
  • Germany
  • National Socialism; Ideology and Society