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Military & International History Research

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Military and international history is one of our research strengths. History faculty have published books and articles on a wide variety of topics in US, Latin American, British, Soviet/Russian, Middle Eastern, and Asian involvement in international affairs. Faculty publications have made notable contributions to military, foreign relations, strategic, naval, and national security history. More detailed information on the below-listed faculty can be found on their faculty biography pages.

John Brobst

  • Europe; Modern Period
  • British Empire
  • Geopolitics; Naval History

T. David Curp

  • Europe; Modern Period
  • Poland
  • Ethno-National Relations; Religious Life; Church-State Relations

Alec Holcombe

  • Southeast Asia; Modern Period
  • Vietnam
  • Colonialism; Socialist Reconstruction

Victoria Lee

  • Science and Technology; Modern Period
  • Japan
  • East Asia; Environment; Craft and Political Economy

Chester Pach

  • United States; Twentieth Century
  • International; Politics, Media, and Popular Culture

Brian Schoen

  • Atlantic World; Nineteenth Century
  • United States
  • State Craft; Political Economy

Ingo Trauschweizer

  • Atlantic World; Modern Period
  • United States and Germany
  • War and the State; War and Culture

Mirna Zakic

  • Europe; Modern Period
  • Germany
  • National Socialism; Ideology and Society