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Biology students looking for hellbenders in river
Studying eastern hellbenders in a Pennsylvania River

Environmental Studies Majors in Arts & Sciences

Interested in the Environment?

Chose from Many Environmental Science Majors at OHIO

The study of the environment includes the physical nature of the planet, as well as plant and animal interactions involving other living organisms, space, land, and water.

To major in the study of the environment in the College of Arts & Sciences at Ohio University, choose a discipline for intensive investigation (biological sciences, chemistry, environmental and plant biology, geography, or geological sciences) and, in consultation with an adviser in that department, develop a program to meet your goals.

Environmental Majors

The following degree programs are offered:

Related Science Minors

Students interested in the environment might want to add a minor in a related science field.

Certificate Programs

The College of Arts & Sciences sponsors the undergraduate Environmental Studies Certificate program for students who are interested in environmental studies but do not want to major in the field. These certificate programs are available to students in any major within the University.

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