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History Department Rankings & History

The History Department offers B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees as well as teaching and research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. The doctoral program is one of but two in Ohio recognized by the Board of Regents since 1995 as deserving state subsidy. The department takes special pride in its tradition of scholarly and teaching excellence.

The History Department at Ohio University is the second-ranked history department in the state of Ohio and maintains a strong national and international reputation. It also occupies a central position within Ohio University. The department's mission of furthering the effective understanding of the past for use in the contemporary world, of exposing students to the histories and cultures of all the world's peoples, and of providing high quality training for a variety of careers is integral to Ohio University's stated central values:

The department's student learning objectives directly reflect these Ohio University values:

  1. Students develop fluency with contemporary and historical social theories along with an understanding of how critical application of these theories can contribute to an informed citizenship.
  2. Students understand the logic and methods of empirical inquiry as applied to linguistic, psychological, social, cultural, economic, geographic, or political contexts.
  3. Students understand human differences and similarities and how they are manifest in interaction with social contexts and social processes.
  4. Students develop persuasive written and oral argumentation skills that can convey their fluency in the first three objectives.