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Provoking the Past. Persuading the Present.

Imagine ... creating your own time machine to delve deeply into the past, or stepping back just a few decades for a closer look at the actors reshaping our modern world. Imagine a world stage where individual dramas tell the tales of the birth and death of nations, the struggles of freedom and oppression, the thoughts and decisions of those who have gone before us.

By examining human agency and exploring the choices, limitations, achievements and failures of past peoples, History majors better understand the creation of the present and appreciate options for the future. Historians don't just study the past; they develop the ability to read critically, research thoroughly, and express ideas carefully and persuasively.

Because historical study is very often comparative, with constant attention to global conditions, our majors are well prepared for a variety of careers in today's global marketplace, in the public and private sectors as analytical, creative, articulate and informed thinkers. History majors become lawyers, politicians, entrepreneurs, journalists, writers, social workers, and teachers. They work around the world in the Foreign Service, NGOs, international corporations and governmental agencies, in the armed forces and in education. Studying history not only prepares students for these professions; it also satisfies their curiosity about who they are and where they come from.

The History Department at Ohio University has approximately 250 majors and over 80 minors. About 50 students graduate annually. The full-time faculty guiding them through the program are nationally and internationally recognized for their research stretching in time from Antiquity through the 20th century. First and foremost, however, they are teachers, and the department is acclaimed on campus for excellence in undergraduate instruction in U.S., European, Middle Eastern, Latin American, African and Asian history. Students choose from a variety of courses in these areas and may develop independent studies and research internships with faculty as well. Some students elect to research and write an honors thesis in their senior year.

History majors have dedicated faculty advisers who are available to coach them through course selection, applying for internships, scholarships, prizes, and graduate school, and in general helping them make the most of their academic experience. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their advisers regularly and to integrate themselves into a vibrant community of learning.

Honors Tutorial College History Major

The Honors Tutorial College program in History offers exceptional students the opportunity to study the many aspects of History in one-on-one relationships with History faculty members. Maximum opportunities will be afforded for the student to progress well beyond the material found in conventional courses. The primary purpose of the tutorial program is to serve as preparation for graduate study. Students will receive a degree of Bachelor of Arts in History from the Honors Tutorial College.