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Contemporary Music and Digital Instruments
Your Tools, Your Passion, Your Music

Contemporary Music and Digital Instruments (OUCMDI)

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The Ohio University degree program in Contemporary Music and Digital Instruments is designed for students who seek to learn to use today’s tools to develop music literacy and forge new careers in music. Aspiring musicians who wish to create music in new ways, study a broad spectrum of music and styles, and be part of a university that celebrates the value of their musical background will find a home in OUCMDI.

A wide spectrum of instruments are welcome, including but not limited to:

  • Guitar
  • Synthesizer
  • Turntables
  • MIDI Controllers and Software
  • Traditional Instruments
  • Voice
  • Other digital instruments or technology used to perform music live

OUCMDI has dedicated ensembles for this program and also provides opportunities for musicians to participate in all aspects of School of Music ensembles. 

Facilities for CMDI

This program features a dedicated room that is equipped with the latest in technology on which students will explore, learn, practice, and perform. These include MIDI controllers, turntables and mixers, EWI, loop stations, a state of the art sound system, digital mixers, microphones, and more.


Core curricular courses include:

  • Technology for Musicians
  • Computers and Music Production
  • History and Practice of Electronic Music
  • Computer Music Programming
  • Music Theory I, II
  • Aural Skills I, II
  • World Music
  • Music History and Literature
  • A variety of music electives including music theory, history, and popular music styles.

In addition to courses in the School of Music, student will take the following courses in MDIA (Music Production/Recording):

  • Live and Remote Music Recording
  • Recording Industry Survey
  • Business of Selling Music: Record Labels, Distribution, and Marketing
  • Special Topics in Music Production and Recording Industry

Audition Requirements 

Prospective students will perform an audition of approximately 10 minutes of live performed (not pre-recorded) music. Students should contact program coordinator Dr. Sean Parsons to identify technology needs. Students are encouraged to bring their own instrument or computers/technology. In the event that an in-person audition is not available, remote auditions may be permitted. Students can use video conferencing software for their audition or submit 10 minutes of live performance in video format.

Audition material should demonstrate musicality through performance. Students may use any instrument(s) of their choosing, traditional, digital, or a combination of both.


We provide several options for students seeking talent-based scholarships, as well as opportunities for first-year and transfer students seeking funding for specific programs. For more information, visit: Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Have a Question?

For additional information, please contact: 

Sean Parsons
Associate Professor of Instruction - Jazz Studies, Music Theory

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