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Opera Theater

Opera Theater


23-24 Opera Theater Season

Ohio University Opera Theater, under the direction of Daniel Stein, presents three performance opportunities each academic year. The core of the program is the opera theater class in which student performers receive specialized training for the lyric theater, including stage movement, acting, role study techniques, and vocal coaching.

In the fall, the students present a program of scenes from the lyric theater repertoire, ranging from grand opera to musical theater. This performance offers young performers the opportunity to gain valuable experience in all skills being developed in the course. In recent years the opera scenes program has been performed outdoors, which offers the students the opportunity to navigate what it is like to perform in a setting that is not a traditional performance venue.

In the winter, students are engaged in the program’s mainstage performance, which is a full-scale operatic production involving orchestra, costumes, sets, props, and all that might go into a larger scale performance. Newly implemented, the students will have the opportunity to work with a guest stage director to get the first-hand experience of what it would be like to be part of a production in the professional industry. The mainstage productions are typically performed in Templeton-Blackburn Memorial Auditorium.

Finally, the spring brings the students a chance to experience a smaller scale performance with our “Classical Cabaret.” This performance involves students performing in a relaxed setting a themed recital of lighter, but still more classically oriented, vocal repertoire.

Along with our performance season, students who participate with Ohio University Opera Theater gain invaluable experience through guest lecturers and presenters who bring the insight of experienced performers to our students.

The training in opera theater is a vital part of the vocal music program for both graduate and undergraduate students. The voice and opera theater faculty are uniquely qualified, through national and international experience, to train aspiring performers in the art and craft of performance on the lyric theater stage.

For additional information about the Opera Theater program at Ohio University, please contact:

Assistant Professor of Instruction in Classical and Musical Theater Voice Coordinator of Opera Theater Co-Chair, Voice Division