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Ensemble Auditions—Spring

Spring 2024 Instrumental Auditions

Placement auditions for the Spring semester for Symphonic Bands, Wind Symphony, and Symphony Orchestra will be held during the first week of classes. Note that some auditions may occur the weekend before classes begin.  Jazz ensemble auditions are held separately.

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Audition schedule signups are available here:

Winds and Percussion: All students wishing to audition for Symphonic Bands, Wind Symphony, or Symphony Orchestra should prepare the following excerpts. There is no audition required to participate in University Band (MUS 2512/5512); students who are interested in University Band should attend the first rehearsal on Monday evening, January 23rd, at 7:00 pm in Glidden 101.

NOTE: THERE WILL BE NO STRING RE-AUDITIONS. NEW STUDENTS SHOULD EITHER CONTACT DR. ROCHA DIRECTLY OR ATTEND THE FIRST CLASS. Music majors auditioning for Symphony Orchestra should prepare the following excerpts. Non-majors auditioning for Symphony Orchestra or Campus Orchestra may alternatively choose to perform a short selection of their choice, and/or scales.

Piano, Harp, Keyboard: Assigned by department.

Ohio University Instrumental Large Ensemble Auditions

  • Signup is required
  • All auditions are in the Glidden Recital Hall unless otherwise noted.

Auditions Schedule

Monday, Jan. 15
No Auditions-Holiday

Tuesday, Jan. 16
1:30-3:30 PM - Saxophones (Glidden Hall 101)
4:00-6:00 PM - Trombones (Recital Hall)
6:30-8:30 PM -Trumpets (Recital Hall)

Wednesday, Jan. 17

11:40 AM-12:50 PM - Horns (Glidden Hall Rm 480)
2:00-2:30 PM - Oboes/English Horn (Glidden 101)
4:30-6:30 PM - Flutes (Recital Hall)

Thursday, Jan. 18

2:00-3:00 PM - Tubas (Glidden Hall 101)
3:00-3:30 PM - Euphoniums (Glidden Hall 101)
6:30-10:00 PM -  Percussion (600c)

Friday, Jan. 19
2:00-4:00 PM - Clarinets/Bass/Eb (Glidden Hall 101)


Transposed parts should be played in the correct keys unless otherwise instructed. Prepare first parts (upper division) unless otherwise indicated.  Applied faculty may have additional works to prepare and/or sight-reading. Piano/Keyboard/Harp — by division assignment

All excerpts available here. (Choose your instrument to access PDF copies of the audition excerpts.)

Audition Results:

Results will be available and the end of the first week of classes.

All concert bands will begin regular rehearsal schedules on Monday, January 22.