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  • Research spotlight: Sarah E. Rubin, PhD, and Joselyn Hines, OMS III

    A team of researchers, including Associate Professor of Instruction Sarah Rubin, Ph.D., and Joselyn Hines, OMS III, followed 17 pregnant mothers throughout their pregnancy to learn more about Black motherhood and structural racism.

  • Research spotlight: Ellie McNutt, Ph.D.

    In this research spotlight, Ellie McNutt, Ph.D., an assistant professor of instruction in medical anatomy shares her most unique research experience.


  • Student organization creates anti-racism video series

    Members of the Heritage College chapter of the Gold Humanism Honor Society have created a video series as part of an anti-racism campaign. Two student leaders share more about the project. 

  • Happy (Black) Independence Day

    Ryan Clopton-Zymler, assistant director of our Office of Inclusion at the Heritage College, Cleveland, shares information about Juneteenth, including the importance of the day and ideas for celebrating it.


    Systemic racism and police brutality against Black people have always been public health issues. The Heritage College continues to stand against racism and commits to creating an anti-racist culture. Read a statement from Chief Inclusion Officer Tanisha King-Taylor, Ph.D.  

  • Faculty connect form to function in field, lab … and Heritage College classes

    Much media attention earned by the Heritage College comes from faculty discoveries relating to the anatomy of a range of vertebrate animals. What does this have to do with the mission of an osteopathic medical school? More than you might imagine.

  • Why diversity and inclusion are more important than ever

    With so many workplaces and classrooms going online during the coronavirus crisis, it's a good time to review some guidelines that can help ensure an engaging and inclusive culture remotely.

  • Heritage College faculty take to the podcasting airwaves

    Podcasting is filling up more and more of the world’s listening bandwidth, with shows discussing every conceivable topic. Alert to this trend, some Heritage College faculty members are using podcasts to enlighten listeners on important health care issues.

  • Pioneering faculty member looks back on four-decade legacy

    Over more than 40 years, Harold Thompson III, D.O., has earned a place in the history of both southeast Ohio and the Heritage College as an engaged community doctor, medical educator, pioneer of diversity and mentor to many future osteopathic physicians.

  • Symposium helps dad understand daughter’s medical condition

    Graham Smith is neither a medical clinician nor a research scientist. But when the Heritage College hosted the third annual International Symposium on Growth Hormone and Metabolism, he attended to learn more about his daughter’s growth hormone (GH) deficiency.

  • Heritage College staffer shares one family’s story of opioids, stigma and hope

    When Heritage College staffer Sherie Steinberger learned about a book project collecting personal accounts of Ohio’s opioid crisis, her family contributed a message about the value of honesty – and the danger of stigma – in helping a loved one battle addiction.

  • Student group continues pursuit of art for medicine’s sake

    The Heritage College, Dublin, was only 1 year old when the Humanism in Medicine student group was launched there in 2015. Four years later, the group is still celebrating “the continuity of art and medicine."

  • From astronauts to elders, Brian Clark studies how we stay strong

    When Brian Clark moved to Athens, he thought it might be a brief stop. But he stuck around and helped turn OMNI into a powerhouse of research into pain disorders and healthy aging.

  • Learning from Cuba

    A first-year medical student and a faculty member discuss lessons learned during a global health experience, where health professions students at Ohio University learned about health care in Cuba.

  • Behind the White Coat: A Night of Storytelling

    On a winter evening, more than 70 students, faculty and staff gathered in the OMM lab on the college's Athens campus to participate in “Behind the White Coat,” a storytelling event organized by students and inspired by “The Moth” Podcast.

  • Our new curriculum is all about that teamwork

    The Heritage College's innovative new Pathways to Health and Wellness curriculum, launched in the fall of 2018, demonstrates what medical training of the future looks like. 

  • The research odyssey of John Kopchick

    How a mouse helped launch a scientific discovery that improved lives and opened pathways for research into obesity, diabetes, cancer and aging.

  • 3 questions all health care providers should be asking veterans

    A documentary tries to close the gap between the health care needs of 20 million U.S. veterans and the civilian physicians who often feel unprepared for the unique health-related exposures and risks that military service members encounter.

  • The importance of breastfeeding then and now: A response to U.S. threats against Ecuador over their resolution supporting breastfeeding

    An expert describes the importance of breastfeeding in developing countries where populations contend with unsanitary water that can be life-threatening to formula-fed infants.

  • Our People: Tom Fries, Sponsor of Founding Legislation

    Tom Fries, a Democrat from Dayton, was serving his third term in the Ohio House of Representatives when he became lead sponsor of the 1975 legislation that created what is now the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine.