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Shared Governance

Building a Collaborative Workplace

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Many Voices, One Common Goal

Shared governance is a process of collaborative decision-making in which the roles and responsibilities of all participants are mutually understood. Shared governance at the Heritage College depends on intentionally creating and maintaining a foundation built on trust, honesty and free and open communication. The goal of shared governance is for faculty, staff and administrators to formulate solutions collaboratively. Unanimity is not the goal – ensuring all voices have the opportunity to be heard and considered is.

Principles of Shared Governance

Members of the Heritage College community will use the following principles as a daily guide for working together:

  1. We will actively promote and maintain an environment of open communication, respect, cooperation and engagement.
  2. We will encourage and consider multiple viewpoints and dissenting views as we remain solution-focused and make evidence-based decisions.
  3. As we consider differing points of view, we will assume our colleagues are equally committed to the Heritage College’s success.
  4. We will clearly explain and broadly disseminate the rationale for decisions that have been made.

Shared Governance Team

  • Malissa Gilkey
  • Patricia Lambert
  • Erin Murphy
  • Robin Newburn
  • Susan Williams
  • Jessica Wingett
  • Jody Van Bibber