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Research Strategic Plan

Mission and Vision Statements

  • Mission

    The Heritage College is dedicated to improving human health and promoting wellness in underserved communities through research discovery, innovation, and partnerships.

  • Vision

    Be the model of basic and translational research for rural and underserved communities.

Research Goals


    Goal One

    Be the top osteopathic research school in terms of funding and impact.


    Goal Two

    Be nationally recognized for research Centers of Excellence (COEs) in Appalachia.


    Goal Three

    Prepare and train the next generations of researchers to create a healthy future for the communities that we serve.

Research Strategies

  1. Elevate brand recognition for HCOM’s research programs in Appalachia, throughout Ohio, and beyond.
  2. Strengthen existing and build new external partnerships through mutually identified research collaborations, drawing on respective research strengths.
  3. Enhance and promote a partnership framework among faculty within HCOM and across OHIO to further team science and mentorship opportunities.
  4. Recruit, develop, and retain research talent that builds on our existing strengths and expands our expertise.
  5. Pursue funding opportunities consistent with a diverse portfolio.
  6. Expand research training opportunities and develop a continual learning and professional development program for faculty, staff, and students.
  7. Strengthen the research infrastructure to support diverse research through targeted investments in administrative support, facilities, technology, and equipment.

The Heritage College Research Council welcomes comments and suggestions. 

The Heritage College Research Council has the responsibility to recommend and prioritize initiatives and mechanisms to develop, promote and administer the strategic research mission of the College and advise OHIO leadership. 

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