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Dublin Framework Plan

Dublin Framework Plan


The historic vote by the Ohio University Board of Trustees in 2011 to acquire 15 acres for the development of the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine (OU-HCOM) Dublin extension campus continued a long history of OHIO’s outreach mission to serve the citizens of the state of Ohio dating back to 1909. The acquisition of that 15 acres brought with it a gift of 96.5 additional acres in the heart of the City of Dublin’s West Innovation District where they hope to create a vibrant new community of corporate offices, research, laboratories and clean manufacturing, and institutions of higher education. The West Innovation District is unlike any other location of an OHIO campus and offers an opportunity for the University to create new teaching and research opportunities for its faculty and  students.

As a condition of receiving the first 45 acres (Sub-Area one) in 2012, the University entered into an economic development agreement with the City of Dublin which required us to develop a Framework Plan for the campus and submit it to the Dublin City Council for approval. Once this step is completed we will receive an additional 25 acres (Sub-Area Two) and be allowed to move forward with the development of Sub-Area Three which is the 25 acres of commercial properties to be jointly developed with the City.

The Dublin Framework plan is a “vision” plan intended to offer a comprehensive view for how the campus may evolve over time and is intended to guide future development. This plan will allow the City to review campus in context of the West Innovation district, making approvals of future projects easier. The plan will also be a valuable tool to the University to facilitate decisions on future expansion within the context of the bigger picture.

Several principles for the development of the Dublin campus guide the product of the Framework Plan. Three of these principles are below:
  • Establish a vibrant community that provides opportunities for high-impact initiatives and programs that are complementary to the central Ohio community, advance Ohio University interests, and cannot be accomplished in Athens
  • Develop a mixed-use environment that supports a vibrant knowledge community
  • Advance “OHIO for Ohio” opportunities to build and strengthen regional partnerships   with industry, government, and non-profit organizations to foster innovation
The Dublin Framework plan is not a “locked-in-stone” blueprint, but a framework that will evolve over time as the University understands how to best use this resource. The framework plan is not built with a prescribed set of projects in mind, but to guide decisions by future university administrations and boards as to how to best utilize this new and valuable asset in support of the University’s teaching, research and service mission. By design, it is a conceptual longrange view for our future and intended to protect the principles set forth by the Board when acquiring the property four years ago.