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Applying to the D.O. Program

Interview Process

The Heritage College interview day is structured so that we can get to know you better as a potential student and you can get to know us better as a student-centered medical school that will quickly feel like home.

Interviews are conducted once a week on the Athens campus, on Tuesdays from mid-September to late April. A maximum of twenty candidates will be invited for each day. Applicants selected for an interview will be notified of their appointment via both email and through their secondary application portal.

Candidates may begin arriving at Grosvenor Hall between 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. Between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m., you will experience admission, curricular, financial aid and university information as well as a Heritage College facilities tour. At noon, you will have a private luncheon with current Heritage College students for an opportunity to learn their perspectives on our program.

Beginning at 1 p.m., you will have the first of three, half-hour individual interviews. Your interview team will most likely consist of a clinical faculty member (D.O.), a biomedical or basic science faculty member (Ph.D.) and a college administrator. The interview day typically concludes no later than 3:30 p.m. Candidates who have indicated a first preference for the Dublin or Cleveland campuses will interview with that preference in mind.

The selection committee will convene later that afternoon and arrive at their status recommendations. At this meeting, candidates will either be admitted, placed on the alternate list or not selected for admission. Due to the limited number of spots at Dublin or Cleveland, not all who indicate a preference will be placed there. As long as the candidate is admissible to the Heritage College, a place at the Athens site will be offered and the candidate will be placed on a waiting list for Dublin or Cleveland respectively.

Student selection committee decisions will be emailed to you the next business day. All candidates will receive an official letter detailing their status within one week after their interview. Candidates who have been placed on the alternate list or not selected for admission are encouraged to contact the Office of Admissions for additional feedback and insight into the decision.

If you are traveling a great distance to Athens for your interview, you are encouraged to arrive in Athens the night before. There are many area accommodations close to campus. If you like, you can even arrange to spend the night with a current medical student. Details about this opportunity will be outlined in your application portal.