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Room and Videoconference Scheduling at the Heritage College

A note to Heritage College faculty and staff

The Heritage College technology team would like to welcome you back to campus and, for those of you in Athens, to Heritage Hall. We realize there is A LOT of new technology on each campus, and the technology team is committed to assisting you as much as possible to make your return to campus a seamless transition. As with any new technology, the team is still working through some issues, so we appreciate your cooperation and patience as you begin to use the new conference, group seminar and huddle spaces throughout the building. Many of these spaces are equipped with MS Teams capability. A full searchable list of rooms and associated technology can be found on the OMET website, along with the help resources mentioned below. 

The presentation and videos below will be very helpful to you as you begin using the MS Teams spaces at your respective campus.

Known Issues

  • There is a known Microsoft issue that some of the Teams devices in the rooms do not allow sharing audio from your connected device. We expect that Microsoft will fix this very soon.
  • For wireless display, we are currently using the T1V “Beta” version for Windows & Mac devices. This application is not yet available for iOS or Android devices, but we expect it to be very soon. For those devices, please download the AirConnect application. Both versions of the application (T1V Beta or AirConnect) will work with our conference room technology.  You can download the apps here. If you do not wish to use wireless display, you can connect via HDMI in the rooms.
  • If you encounter an issue with the MS Teams touch panel “freezing” in the room, please contact the Heritage College tech team. We will need to reboot the device for you.

Preparing for your meeting

We suggest that you take time prior to your meeting start time to ensure technology is working properly, as well as to familiarize yourself with the technology and space.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any issues by e-mailing Thank you, and we appreciate your patience and cooperation with our new technology systems.


  • Using MS Teams in Heritage College Conference Rooms – This training will prepare you for how to schedule and use MS Teams appliances in Heritage College conference rooms.

  • Inventory of Heritage College Classrooms and Conference Rooms – This document includes all Heritage College spaces, including room name, seating capacity, telephone, videoconferencing and scheduling information.

  • More information on using MS Teams (provided by OIT)

  • To Clean a Crestron Device – Crestron has verified a method of cleaning TSW/TSS x60-Series Touch Screens and Crestron Mercury® conferencing devices only. Specifically, Crestron recommends cleaning and disinfecting only with a solution of 70% isopropyl alcohol for TSW/TSS x60-Series Touch Screens and Crestron Mercury conferencing devices. Please observe the following guidelines to ensure there are no adverse effects from the cleaning process:

    • Using a solution of 70% isopropyl alcohol, moisten a non-linting microfiber cloth until it is damp but not over-saturated. 
    • Gently wipe down the exposed exterior surfaces, including the touch screen and housing of the devices. To prevent inadvertent damage, don’t allow any moisture/liquid into any openings, and don’t let any moisture/liquid pool on the unit.
    • If water marks appear, they may be removed by gently wiping with a clean, non-linting microfiber cloth.
    • A bleach-based or chlorine solution of any kind must not be used on Crestron products.
  • Need additional support? Email