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Life Sciences Research Facility

Research in Biomedical and Biological Sciences

The Life Science Research Facility opened in 2003 and is primarily used by the Heritage College’s Department of Biomedical Sciences and the College of Arts and Sciences’ Department of Biological Sciences. The Life Sciences Research Facility houses offices and research facilities that serve faculty and staff, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate and undergraduate students.

The facility supports a range of microscopy efforts including an electron microscopy suite, histology laboratories specialized for both skeletal/dental and decalcified tissue preparation, suites dedicated to functional morphology and fossil preparation, high-throughput digital capabilities for processing anatomical and video data for 3D/4D rendering, a comparative biomechanics lab and biosafety level 2 labs for the study of infectious microorganisms. The Life Sciences Research Facility also contains common equipment to support biochemistry and molecular biology research, as well as a vivarium operated by the Ohio University Office of Laboratory Animal Resources. While faculty have individual labs, the design is open, allowing researchers to share equipment and expertise.

The facility accommodates researchers specializing in a broad range of biomedical and basic biological research disciplines and serves as an interdisciplinary and highly collaborative research environment for faculty, staff and trainees.