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Pre-Matriculation Program

Premedical Education

Pre-Matriculation Program

Pre-Matriculation is a four-week accelerated introduction to the medical school experience for HCOM Post Baccalaureate participants and other mission-aligned entering medical students. The program, held in Athens, mirrors the content and rigor of the first semester of the Pathways to Health and Wellness Curriculum and provides opportunities for participants to become familiar with the health disparities and social determinants of health endemic to rural southeastern Ohio. 

Students who have completed our Post Baccalaureate program are required to participate in Pre-Matriculation. Other entering students may be invited to participate based on their academic needs or alignment with our college mission. The program typically enrolls a cohort of 24 students.

Program Components

The program is designed to promote academic, career and personal success by helping to reinforce strategies that promote life-long learning. The curriculum uses a case-based learning approach that allows program participants to explore basic science concepts (e.g., anatomy, physiology, biochemistry) that form the foundation for clinical concepts. The program includes:

  • Problem-based learning in small groups
  • Anatomy (lecture and laboratory)
  • Introduction to osteopathic manipulative medicine¬†
  • Workshops on active study methods

For more information on the program, contact the Heritage College Office of Inclusion at or at 740.593.2209.