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Ohio Osteopathic Symposium brings physicians together

May 19, 2023
Osteopathic physicians from across Ohio attend OOS

The Ohio Osteopathic Symposium had another successful year as osteopathic physicians from across the state gathered in Columbus April 20 – 23 to learn more about critical issues in medicine, participate in continuing medical education activities and showcase the latest research developments.

The symposium is sponsored by the Heritage College Society of Alumni & Friends and the Ohio Osteopathic Association.

Robert Juhasz gives JO Watson, DO, Memorial Lecture

At the event, Robert Juhasz, D.O., delivered the J.O. Watson, D.O., Memorial Lecture. The former president of Cleveland Clinic South Pointe Hospital and past president of the American Osteopathic Association talked about the value of diversity in medicine and shared the historical struggles with discrimination that osteopathic medicine faced, from being denied the opportunity to practice osteopathic medicine in the military to the passage of a law in 1962 in California that banned the licensing of osteopathic physicians. He talked about how, because of the discrimination, osteopathic medicine developed a “parallel universe” to allopathic medicine, with its own licenses, specialties and certifications, but that now is changing with increasing acceptance of the profession.

Despite the transformation and challenges, Juhasz said the osteopathic profession “has learned that it can grow, it can prosper and continue.”

He told the audience that there continues to be opportunities to improve diversity in the profession and to be mindful of “who we are bringing forward with us as we move forward.”

Many physicians were recognized for their achievements at OOS

He concluded by saying, “As we think about how we serve…think about the philosophy that we trained in, the things that we’ve experienced and the things that we can do to make a difference.”

Each year during the symposium, the state’s top osteopathic physicians are recognized. The awardees included:

Heritage College Society of Alumni & Friends

Alumnus of the Year - Richard R. Black, D.O. ('82)

Outstanding Recent Graduate - Amber M. Healy, D.O. ('09)

Medal of Merit - Tracy L. Shaub, D.O. ('92)

Distinguished Service - Robert J. Hampton, D.O. ('84)

Honorary Alumnus - Robert C. Fulford, D.O. (posthumously), Brigadier General Mark C. Arnold


HCOM faculty Jean Rettos, DO, receives award at OOS

Ohio Chapter of the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians

President's Plaque - Sean D. Stiltner, D.O. ('04)

Distinguished Service - Harold J. Bowersox, D.O.

Family Medicine Resident of the Year - Marcia Jacobs, D.O.

Family Physician of the Year - Jean S. Rettos, D.O. ('04)

Young Family Physician - Alexandra M. McKenna, D.O. ('15)


Ohio Osteopathic Association

HCOM Dublin Dean Bill Burke receives award

Presidents Award - Jennifer L. Gwilym, D.O. ('03)

George L. Eckert Jr., DO Mentor of the Year - Kristen Conrad-Schnetz, D.O. (’09)

Distinguished Service - Charles G. Vonder Embse, D.O.

M. Bridget Wagner, DO Humanitarian - William J. Burke, D.O. (’88)

Meritorious Service - Bonnie Hay

Trustee - Paul T. Scheatzle, D.O. (’92)

J.O. Watson, D.O., Memorial Lecture Award - Robert S. Juhasz, D.O.