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Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

The application for SURF 2025 will be available in October. The application deadline is January 10, 2025.

SURF provides various summer research opportunities for undergraduate students interested in careers in medicine and research. Participants work under the guidance of an HCOM researcher to expose students to the challenges, excitement, and satisfaction of research. Past participants have even finished the program with papers submitted for publishing.



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Summer Scholars

The application for Summer Scholars 2025 will be available in October. The application deadline is January 10, 2025.

Summer Scholars is a program designed for aspiring physicians from communities experiencing health care disparities or medical provider shortages.  For more than 40 years, participants hailing from those communities have been selected to participate in the rigorous 5-week program, which offers an immersive experience designed to give participants a realistic introduction to the first-year curriculum at Heritage College and to foster academic, career and personal success. College faculty and medical students teach courses in medical morphology, histology, immunology and biochemistry. There are also workshops on the admissions process, learning strategies, time management and other areas relevant to medical school experience. Annually, the program accepts 24 applicants who have encountered barriers that have impeded their path to medical school but who are passionate about practicing medicine with populations and in communities where there are limited medical resources and access to health care. 


NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates

The program provides undergraduate students (psychology, social work, biology, pre-med, education) with an in-depth, hands-on experience focused on gaining clinical research skills, learning the application of the scientific method to develop hypotheses, and training on how to design and conduct research studies on treatment-related issues for children with social, emotional and behavioral problems. Students are also trained in the ethical conduct of research.

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Diabetes Institute Summer Interprofessional Research Experience (DISIRE) Summer Undergraduate Program

The DISIRE curriculum is designed to educate undergraduates who may not have a background in diabetes but are interested in the field of diabetes research. It is interdisciplinary-focused and consists of online instruction, weekly seminars, journal club didactics, a group capstone project and research with a mentor. The online course will be an abridged version of “Diabetes: From Bench-to-Bedside”, an existing, comprehensive course that explores the genetics, physiology, treatment, self-management, and psychosocial care of diabetes. Students participating in the apprentice-based research experience will develop research skills and build self-efficacy.

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