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Office of Research and Grants

Who We Are

The Office of Research and Grants, under the direction of the associate dean for research and innovation, Darlene Berryman, PhD, LD, RD, provides the infrastructure, leadership, training and resources to promote integrated scholarly activity, enhance research productivity, and increase external funding of research programs throughout the Heritage College.

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Mission Statement

The Office of Research and Grants supports, coordinates and promotes the research and scholarly activities of Heritage College faculty, staff, institutes, and students by:

  • Promoting a culture of innovation, discovery, and scholarship within the Osteopathic profession.
  • Fostering collaborations with key partners internal and external to the Heritage College.
  • Strengthening our research infrastructure to provide enhanced support services.
  • Leading the college’s strategic research initiatives.
  • Developing, maintaining and communicating research best practices and policies.
  • Supporting efforts to bring visibility to the research accomplishments of our faculty, staff, institutes and students.

Research at the Heritage College

Person in lab

The Heritage College houses a diverse, talented and productive array of faculty, staff, students and institutes that are engaged in scholarly works. This places the Heritage College in a very good position to be a leader among osteopathic medical schools in research.

We also recognize the importance of fostering collaborative research with partners both within Ohio University and external to the university. To this end, the Heritage College continually works to facilitate the expansion of our research portfolio with partners such as OhioHealth to provide additional opportunities for our faculty and staff to engage in research.

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Office Resources

The Office of Research and Grants is available to provide a full range of services and resources to Heritage College faculty, staff and students.





  • Fossil rebuild animation wins paleo art award

    Joseph Groenke, laboratory coordinator for the O’Connor lab in the biomedical sciences department of the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, has won a "paleo art" award for a short video summarizing how he digitally reconstructed a set of shattered fossil teeth from an extinct mammal.
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  • Heritage College faculty member to co-lead new hospital research project

    Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine faculty member Berkeley Franz, Ph.D., is one of two principal investigators on a new grant-funded research project that will examine how much community health benefit for-profit hospitals provide to the areas in which they’re located.
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  • NIH-funded study probes fine details of deafness

    Certain genetic mutations cause cell structures in the ear to break down, leading to deafness. With support from a grant from the National Institutes of Health, researchers led by Mark Berryman, Ph.D., a faculty member at the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, aim to learn more about this process.
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  • Symposium helps dad understand daughter’s medical condition

    Graham Smith is neither a medical clinician nor a research scientist. But when the Heritage College hosted the third annual International Symposium on Growth Hormone and Metabolism, he attended to learn more about his daughter’s growth hormone (GH) deficiency.
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  • From astronauts to elders, Brian Clark studies how we stay strong

    When Brian Clark moved to Athens, he thought it might be a brief stop. But he stuck around and helped turn OMNI into a powerhouse of research into pain disorders and healthy aging.
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  • The research odyssey of John Kopchick

    How a mouse helped launch a scientific discovery that improved lives and opened pathways for research into obesity, diabetes, cancer and aging.
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