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  • Ohio Osteopathic Symposium showcases medical student research

    The effectiveness of augmented reality to help patients with Parkinson's disease walk normally, an examination of hospitals’ support of addiction treatment services and the use of growth hormone to heal wounds were the three research studies shared by Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine dual degree students at the 2024 Ohio Osteopathic Symposium. 

  • Faculty Spotlight: Shaohua Wang, Ph.D.

    Dr. Shaohua Wang, assistant professor of medical microbiology, is a relative newcomer to the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, joining the college seven months ago. We took some time to sit down with her and discuss her research, her time at the Heritage College and what initially drew her to microbial studies.

  • Research spotlight: Allyson Hughes, Ph.D.

    Allyson Hughes, Ph.D., whose research focuses on health policy related to the intersection of diabetes and disabilities, was part of a recent cluster hire. In this research spotlight, learn why she finds research rewarding.

  • Research spotlight: Graciela Muniz-Terrera, Ph.D.

    In this research spotlight, learn more about Professor of Social Medicine Graciela Muniz-Terrera, Ph.D., whose research focuses on aging and brain health, including dementia.

  • Research spotlight: Sarah E. Rubin, PhD, and Joselyn Hines, OMS III

    A team of researchers, including Associate Professor of Instruction Sarah Rubin, Ph.D., and Joselyn Hines, OMS III, followed 17 pregnant mothers throughout their pregnancy to learn more about Black motherhood and structural racism.

  • Research spotlight: Belainesh Nigeda, OMS III

    Belainesh Nigeda, OMS III, whose research focuses on how doulas help Black women have healthier birth outcomes, shares why research is rewarding.

  • Research spotlight: Ellie McNutt, Ph.D.

    In this research spotlight, Ellie McNutt, Ph.D., an assistant professor of instruction in medical anatomy shares her most unique research experience.


  • Symposium helps dad understand daughter’s medical condition

    Graham Smith is neither a medical clinician nor a research scientist. But when the Heritage College hosted the third annual International Symposium on Growth Hormone and Metabolism, he attended to learn more about his daughter’s growth hormone (GH) deficiency.

  • From astronauts to elders, Brian Clark studies how we stay strong

    When Brian Clark moved to Athens, he thought it might be a brief stop. But he stuck around and helped turn OMNI into a powerhouse of research into pain disorders and healthy aging.

  • The research odyssey of John Kopchick

    How a mouse helped launch a scientific discovery that improved lives and opened pathways for research into obesity, diabetes, cancer and aging.

  • 3 questions all health care providers should be asking veterans

    A documentary tries to close the gap between the health care needs of 20 million U.S. veterans and the civilian physicians who often feel unprepared for the unique health-related exposures and risks that military service members encounter.

  • Summer research experience allows student to create hope for cancer patients

    After a summer at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a second-year medical student gains a fuller appreciation of how he can help translate new research findings into hope for young patients.

  • 40 Things to Know: The world’s first transgenic mammal was developed here

    This discovery revolutionized biomedical research, making national news at a time when gene-splicing was still in its infancy.