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Technology resource in academic medicine

The Heritage College Office of Information & Learning Technologies (OILT) works to ensure high-quality, cost-effective operational support for medical education, as well as to support the execution of the Heritage College Strategic Plan. The Heritage College OILT uses the following objectives as guiding principles for curriculum support, technology service and project execution:

  • Ensure alignment and prioritization of technology staff to support medical education, as well as the Heritage College Strategic Plan implementation and operational needs
  • Leverage OHIO IT (OIT) services, partnerships and resources to eliminate duplication of technology services in order to focus OILT’s resources on efficient, high-quality medical education operations
  • Standardize policies, processes and procedures for technology across the medical education and clinical campuses, in support of university best practices
  • Identify innovative, yet cost-effective, distance learning technologies to promote the connectivity and shared learning model of the medical education curriculum
  • Integrate data, services and other resources between college and university systems to eliminate duplication and inaccuracies
  • Partner with technical teams and super users to streamline manual business processes in support of existing technologies and services to identify and maintain cost savings throughout the college

Knowledge Base

The Heritage College OILT has a significant knowledge base for a vast array of medical education technologies. Prior to submitting a ticket, we suggest you reference our Knowledge Base for quick solutions. If you are unable to solve your issue, please e-mail us at hcomtech@ohio.edu.

Technology Support Information

Heritage College OILT provides support to ensure seamless operations of the medical education curriculum. Our service hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM ET to 5:00 PM ET. To submit a ticket for assistance, please e-mail hcomtech@ohio.edu.

Additional contact Information for the Heritage College OILT:

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