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Community Health Programs

Community Health Programs

The care you need, right here

The Heritage College's Community Health Programs develop and deliver quality medical and health care services as well as health education for children and adults throughout southeast Ohio. The Heritage Community Clinic is open to community members and offers free and low-cost health care provided by skilled health care providers; our Family Navigator Program provides care and services to Medicaid-eligible pregnant clients to help them achieve healthy birth outcomes; and our AmeriCorps COMCorps program provides life-changing national service opportunities at partner sites across southeast Ohio.

Community Health Programs supports the mission of the Heritage College through delivering education and services that advance the health and wellbeing of underserved communities and providing rural experiential learning opportunities for a diverse student population.

In addition to our dedicated staff members, our services are made possible through the dedication of AmeriCorps members, physicians, optometrists, students, and other professionals who volunteer their time and expertise. We provide experiences in support of medical and health-related education programs at Ohio University. 

Our Mission

Addressing unmet health and wellness needs in southeast Ohio, one person at a time

Our Vision

A healthy southeast Ohio

Our Values

Trust, Caring, Service, Education, Compassion, and Collaboration