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Community Health

Community Health Programs and the Heritage Community Clinic

The care you need, right here

The Heritage College's Community Health Programs develop and deliver quality medical and health care services as well as health education for children and adults throughout southeast Ohio. The Heritage Community Clinic is open to southeastern Ohio residents and offers free and low-cost health care provided by skilled health care providers.

OhioHealth Campus Care at Ohio University

Doctors and nurses apart of the campus care program .

Taking care of our own

Looking after the health and well-being of the entire Ohio University community is a tall order and it's a charge we've taken on through our OhioHealth Campus Care program.

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Forever Grateful

The Heritage College recognizes with gratitude, support from the Osteopathic Heritage Foundation and many other organizations and individuals that make our community health programs possible, including, but not limited to, the Charitable Healthcare Network, Susan G. Komen Columbus, community partners throughout southeast Ohio, the Ohio Legislature, and health care professionals and students who volunteer their time and expertise.

The Osteopathic Heritage Foundation provided funding to establish the Heritage Community Clinic, which opened in 2011. In 2015 and 2018, the replacement of the two Heritage Mobile Clinic units was made possible through the Osteopathic Heritage Foundation and its award to the college, Vision 2020: Leading the Transformation of Primary Care.