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Orientation Checklist

Orientation Checklist

Be prepared on your first day

Welcome, Heritage College Class of 2023!

Congratulations on your acceptance and welcome to the OU-HCOM Family!

Starting Tuesday May 28, 2019 and continuing until PHWC New Student Orientation begins on August 15, 2019 we will regularly be adding items to the Orientation course in Leo (Learning Management System). Please use the following guide to learn how to navigate Leo during the academic year. Please note that the name of the software is currently changing from LCMS+ to Leo, so you may see it referenced both ways.

See Overview of Leo

Access for the system can be found on the Heritage College website. At the top of the page, click Information for – Students Years 1-4 – LCMS+. Once you log into the system, you will be on the calendar view. On the top left, click on Courses. You should see one course; Yr1-2019-20 – HCOM Fall Year 1 Orientation (FALLOERY1); click on the course name. On the right side of the screen, you will find Course Materials. There are several important items and documents that you will need to review. It is our expectation that you will work through these items prior to August 15 th. During Orientation Week, we will be following up on these items with the understanding that you have already reviewed them and taken the actions specified. You will receive regular reminders via the Admissions Office InTouch Newsletter. Some items are informational only, while others are tasks that must be completed by a specific date. If you have questions related to any of the particular items, please post your questions to the discussion board and we will post our response so the entire class is able to see the question and answer.

We look forward to getting to know everyone!

Your Orientation Team

Heather Binnig, Assistant Director, Student Events & Leadership (Athens)
Betsy Kerns, Assistant Director, Student Affairs (Cleveland)
Andrea Brunson, Assistant Director, Student Affairs (Dublin)
April Loudner-Maffin, Curriculum Coordinator

If you have any problems accessing Leo (LCMS+) please email hcomtech@ohio with questions.