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Exit Information for Students

Whether you are getting ready to graduate or planning to withdraw from the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, there are several requirements that must be completed before you can leave.

Graduating student

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Planning to graduate

If you are graduating from the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, you will need to complete the exit counseling session, AACOM survey and Heritage College fourth-year senior survey. Look for an email from the financial aid office in the spring of your graduating year.

Exit Counseling

Loan Repayment Modules

Estimate your monthly loan payment and what kind of salary you'll need to be able to make your payment.

Our students have reported that this loan payment calculator is one of the most useful tools they have used for lifestyle planning. Give it a try.

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Withdrawing student

Planning to withdraw or request a leave of absence

Students planning to withdraw or take a leave of absence from the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine must complete an official withdrawal form and attach a letter of intent to withdraw to the senior director of student affairs. Information about withdrawing can be found on this form. Additional information can be found in the Student Survival Manual - Chapter 5 - Guidelines > Committee on Student Progress Guidelines - Section 3, item 3.2 Leave of Absence

Withdrawal Form

Please note: Regardless of whether you are a financial aid recipient, THE DATE OF YOUR WITHDRAWAL MAY HAVE FINANCIAL IMPLICATIONS. Depending on the Heritage College timeline, the date of your withdrawal can make the difference between receiving a partial tuition refund or whether you must return all or part of your financial aid. General information about the refund policies can be found on the bursar’s website.

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Keep in mind that the Heritage College semester dates can vary from the rest of Ohio University’s semester dates. If you are considering withdrawing, it is in your best interest to contact the student affairs office as soon as possible. We will work with the OHIO bursar’s office to provide you with information about the financial implications so that you will have the information to make the best decision regarding your personal circumstances.

Financial aid recipients will need to contact the student affairs office to schedule the required financial aid exit interview. All students must make arrangements with student affairs to return keys, bone boxes, etc.

Exit Interview

Loan Repayment Modules

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