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Mission and Vision

Heritage College Executive Dean Ken Johnson, DO; Heritage College, Dublin Dean Bill Burke, DO; Heritage College, Cleveland Dean Issac Kirstein, DO with students


We pride ourselves on our strong focus on our mission: training osteopathic primary care physicians to serve Ohio.

Our medical school educates physicians committed to practice in Ohio, emphasizes primary care, engages in focused research, and embraces both Appalachian and urban communities. Integral to this mission, our college community commits itself to: provide a clinically integrated, learning-centered, osteopathic medical education continuum for students, interns, residents and primary care associates; embrace diversity and public service; and improve the health and well-being of underserved populations.


A healthier Ohio, empowered by compassionate osteopathic physicians.

With our graduates and partners, we advance care and knowledge to improve the health of our communities. Our culture is built upon resiliency, courage and compassion. Our physicians humanize each patient encounter, bridging the gap between therapeutics, medical technologies, health systems, care delivery and disparity.

Overarching Goal

Our graduates are highly sought after and indispensable members of Ohio's health care teams.