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Heritage College Research Facilities

Academic and Research Center

The Heritage College medical research labs in this three-floor building focus on the development of new diagnostic methods and therapies, primarily in the areas of diabetes and cancer. Researchers have access to technologies such as a pathology lab with a histology suite for studying soft and hard tissues and a flow cytometer, a tool used to measure DNA in cells.

Life Sciences Research Facility

The Life Science Research Facility, which opened in 2003, is used by the Heritage College’s Department of Biomedical Sciences and the College of Arts and Sciences’ Department of Biological Sciences. In addition to faculty and graduate student offices, the building houses diverse research laboratories.

Irvine Hall

Irvine Hall houses two large lecture halls and small group rooms for delivery of the Pathways to Health and Wellness curriculum. It also contains the Ohio Musculoskeletal Neurological Institute, Tropical Disease Institute, biomedical research labs, and the college’s communication and research administration offices.

Ohio University Research Facilities