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Master of Education in Theater Education

Earn your Master's degree and gain a teaching license in just 1 year!

Interested in exploring a career path in theater education? The Ohio University Patton College of Education and School of Theater have an exciting new one-year degree track in Theater Education for students interested in this career path.

The master's program with Licensure in K-12 Education can be completed in one year (3 academic terms) in-person.

Program Overview

M.Ed Theater Education [ME8185] 

The Theater Education program prepares theater teachers for grades preK-12 with licensure. The Theater Education program offers a research-based dynamic curriculum focusing on the development of professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions. Program faculty members bring expertise in their disciplines as well as experience working in K-12 schools. Faculty members are committed to student success and collaborate with colleagues in the School of Theater and other stakeholders to ensure program rigor and responsiveness to state, local, and national initiatives. Students enjoy the opportunity to become members in student chapters of disciplinary professional organizations.

KEY FEATURE: a yearlong clinical culminating in a professional internship and a Master’s research project.

The Theater Education Master’s program can be completed in 3 academic terms if students (a) begin their program of study during the summer academic term, (b) follow a prescribed sequence of courses, and (c) submit official documentation demonstrating they have successfully passed the required content exam of the Ohio Assessment for Educators. 

Program Learning Outcomes

The Theater Education program is designed to prepare beginning teachers, who will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the central concepts, tools of inquiry, and structures of the discipline(s) they teach
  • Use their understanding of how children and youth learn to engage them with the subject matter 
  • Enact equitable and inclusive teaching and assessment practices that are responsive to diverse learners, communities, and a global society 
  • Work within and across a range of community and professional contexts 
  • Critically reflect on and learn from their practice 
  • Exercise a strong sense of agency and the capacity to become leaders in their field

Opportunities for Graduates

Theater Education Master’s program students are eligible to apply for a teaching license in the State of Ohio once they successfully complete the courses listed on their program of study, the required Ohio Assessment for Educators licensure examinations, and the Professional Internship in Teaching. Program graduates are prepared for careers teaching drama and theater in schools in Ohio and around the nation. Many additionally serve as curriculum specialists for their discipline.

How to apply

Application Information


Mathew Felton-Koestler
Program Coordinator