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B.A. in Theater

Bachelor of Art in Theater

All the world’s a stage.  Theater and the related performing arts are a multi-billion-dollar industry that employs people in virtually every community with fulfilling and meaningful careers.  We know that in order to make great theater it takes a dedicated community whose members have a wide range of talents.  From development officers to artistic directors, production shop heads to project managers, the Bachelor of Art in Theater prepares students to define their place in the robust American theatrical landscape. 

About the Bachelor of Arts Degree

At OHIO, our Bachelor of Arts degree lets students choose the future that fits them the best.  Our degree program combines first-hand theatrical experience with a rich liberal arts education to provide an individualized experience that aligns with each student’s interests.  While foundational courses in theater and fully realized productions combine to provide a living bedrock of professional-grade experience, students also work with their faculty advisor to customize their general education requirements.

Possible Double Major, Minors, Certificate Programs

This degree also provides the most opportunity for adding a double major, minor, or certificate program. OHIO offers certificate programs in a number of areas including: Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Museum Studies, and Performing Arts Health & Wellness to name a few.  Secondary majors such as English, history, creative writing, music, political science, pre-law, and sociology have been successful choices. With the addition of two exciting one-year Master’s programs--the Master of Arts and the Master of Arts Administration--students who wish may obtain a Master’s degree in as little as five (5) years.

Every student enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in Theater program completes required foundational theater courses, general education requirements, and may conclude with a capstone project.

Career Paths in the Theater Community

  • Hospitality, Event Planning
  • Customer Service and Management
  • Administrative Offices, Project Management
  • Development
  • Artistic Direction
  • Executive Director
  • Executive Assistant
  • Facilities Management
  • Production Shop Supervisor and Staff
  • Legal Analyst
  • Graphic Design and Marketing
  • Social Media and Marketing
  • Festival Coordinator and Planning
  • Youth Theater Advocate
  • Theater Critic
  • Arts Section Contributor for publications and web applications
  • Cruise Ships, Amusement Parks, Museums

Individuals interested in the BA program should feel free to contact the B.A. in Theater Program Head, Dr. Daniel Dennis: