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Master's in Adolescent-to-Young Adult Education and Multi-Age with Licensure

The Master’s Program with Licensure in Adolescent-to-Young-Adult (AYA) and Multi-Age Education offers a clinical program that can be completed in one year (3-4 academic terms). Teacher candidates are expected to begin their program of study during the Summer term and to follow the prescribed sequence of courses. Teacher candidates who enter the program during the Fall or Spring term or who must meet additional content knowledge requirements will require more than 4 academic terms to successfully complete the program.

Noyce Program: RALLY for STEM Teaching Fellowship

Candidates interested in teaching mathematics or science should consider the RALLY for STEM fellowship:

  • Free tuition and $14,000 stipend during the one-year program
  • Earn an additional $11,000 per year for the first four years while teaching in a high needs school

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