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B.F.A. in Playwriting

B.F.A. Playwriting

Bachelors of Fine Arts

The B.F.A. in Playwriting is an intensive introduction to the art of dramatic writing for the stage. This program focuses on playwriting through the study of dramatic structure, its relationship to literature, and how the spoken word functions on the stage and in performance. Students in the program are required to complete a series of playwriting courses and wide range of courses including acting, art history, directing, film, screenwriting, and rigorous study of English and literature.

What you’ll learn

Dramatic structure, playwriting, collaborative technique and dramaturgy are taught in a series of courses throughout the four-year curriculum.

Playwriting classes emphasize the development of the artist’s intent or “voice”, mastery of narrative structure, and critique skills in a workshop environment that maintains an up-beat, encouraging demeanor.

Theater History courses and work in dramaturgy firmly ground the developing playwright in an understanding of literary, cultural and historical context, and provide opportunities to develop a scholarly approach to the form.

Additional courses in English Literature, Poetry, Film, and screenwriting help developing playwrights understand how Theater is different from, and the progenitor of, all forms of dramatic storytelling from film and TV, to the often surprising narratives found in new and emerging media such as Instagram and Facebook.

Career opportunities

Ohio University B.F.A. Playwriting graduates are ready to work in a variety of Theater roles, having experienced and worked behind the scenes in every aspect of staging plays. Graduates have gone on to further study in Theater and related fields, including M.A., M.F.A. and Ph.D. Programs. B.F.A. Playwrights from OHIO are well-rounded, well-trained, and ready to apply their mastery of narrative structure and collaboration to any work environment as they continue to pursue the art form and generate mature new work that the industry craves.

Prospective students in all B.F.A. programs have the option to be accepted directly through auditions and interviews as high school seniors, or enter through the B.A. in Theater and audition or interview at the end of the first year into the B.F.A. of your choice.

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