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Book by Lawrence D. Cohen
Lyrics by Dean Pitchford
Music by Michael Gore
Adapted from Stephen King’s Carrie
Directed and Choreographed by Victoria Rae Sook

Adapted from Stephen King's 1974 novel Carrie, the musical focuses on an awkward teenage girl with telekinetic powers whose lonely life is dominated by an oppressive religious fanatic mother. When she is humiliated by her classmates at the high school prom, she unleashes chaos on everyone and everything in her path.

Elizabeth Baker Theater
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1st Year MFA Directors’ Projects


Directed by Devin Ty Franklin

When a freshman is unexpectedly given the coveted role of Lady Macbeth, a few upperclassmen actresses invite her over to “celebrate” her casting and reassert their positions at the top of the theatre department’s hierarchy. As the Fireball and Svedka flow, the girls interrogate their own sense of ambition as well as the power structures that have shaped their theatrical education.

PlaySpace, Putnam Hall RM 227

The Secretaries 

Directed by Caitlin Lopez

Pretty Patty Johnson is thrilled to join the secretarial pool at the Cooney Lumber Mill under the iron-fisted leadership of sultry office manager Susan Curtis. But she soon begins to feel that all is not right—the enforced diet of Slim-Fast shakes, the strange clicking language between the girls, the monthly disappearance of a lumberjack… By the time Patty discovers murder is part of these office killers' skill set, it's too late to turn back! In the guise of satiric exploitation-horror, The Secretaries takes an unflinching look at the warped cultural expectations of femininity.

PlaySpace, Putnam Hall, RM 227


Julius Caesar

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Shelley Delaney

Power and Ambition. Friendship and Betrayal. Anarchy and Justice. The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare: a fast and furious political tale for our time.

Virginia Hahne Theater
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Doctor Voynich and Her Children

A Prediction by Leanna Keyes
Directed by Tyler Everett Adams

Doctor Rue Voynich and her apprentice Fade travel the American Heartland dispensing herbal medications. They also covertly perform abortions--long ago made illegal. When approached by a local young woman, Hannah, to perform an abortion, Fade must assist her before the sheriff can nail them for the “attempted murder of an unborn person.” This post-Roe v. Wade play about mothers and daughters is poetic, sexy, vulgar, queer, and a little too real.

Virginia Hahne Theater
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what the Gods gave me

By Eryn Elyse McVay
Directed by Molly H. Donahue

Moon magic, man eaters, and matrimony; the women of Nevermoore Inn are preparing for the first night of the rest of their lives, but their carefully crafted mythos is about to catch fire. Written by OU’s own Eryn Elyse McVay, what the Gods gave me is a story about the magic of the family and the power of the individual.

Baker Backstage
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Hotel Berry

By Jacqueline Lawton
Directed by JaMeeka Holloway

By 1912 Athens’ only Black business owners, Edward and Mattie Berry, have established one of the finest hotels in Ohio, with visitors from all over the country. When former president and now presidential candidate Theodore Roosevelt decides to stay at the hotel, a potential moment of pride and joy unleashes scandal and political upheaval.

Forum Theater
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By Federico García Lorca
Directed by Ally Poole

A woman in a passionless marriage, who wants nothing more than to have a child. A community that measures a woman’s worth by their ability to bear children. Yerma, for anyone who has ever desperately wanted something and found that it was just beyond their reach.

Forum Theater
April 13-15, 18-22 @ 8:00pm
April 22 @ 2PM

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29th Annual Seabury Quinn, Jr. Playwrights’ Festival

by Eryn Elyse McVay
Directed by Molly Donahue 

When Lola McIntyre, a twelve-year-old aspiring magician, uploads the home video of her latest act to YouTube and suddenly garners millions of views overnight, her distant dream of performing magic solo on a Las Vegas stage soon becomes a tangible potential reality. Fast-forward fifteen years, and Lola’s still reaching toward that dream, still just on the cusp on true greatness. From betraying a friend to making deals with a demon, Lola will do just about anything to get on that Vegas stage, she has to, because everything she’s done, everything she’s gone through, it has to be worth it, right?

by Steven Strafford
Directed by Sam Nelson

Jane is a new mother of a young baby, who finds herself on an adventure she never wanted to take. She fights through grief, addiction, and what lies beyond this plane of existence, all in pursuit of saving a life. Squeakers asks us what the punchline is for a joke that begins, "A pair of new parents, a clown, an angel, a nurse, and a couple of alcoholics walk into a hospital..."

The annual Ohio University Seabury Quinn, Jr. Playwrights’ Festival held each year at the end of the Spring Semester represents the culmination of the work of Ohio University’s MFA Playwrights. Join us to celebrate and help in the creation of new work!

Baker Theater
April 19-22, 26-29

Mentors: Martine Kei Green-Rogers and Aaron Carter



Men on Boats by Jaclyn Backhaus, Directed by Shannon R. Davis
Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812 - Music and Lyrics by Dave Malloy, Adapted from War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy, Directed by Alan Patrick Kenny, Music Direction by Brent Frederick 


Summer and Smoke - by Tennessee Williams, Directed by Sarah Elizabeth Yorke
Everybody - by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, Directed by Roberto Di Donato 


Absentia - by Olivia Matthews, Directed by Tanisha Lynn Pyron 


Concord Floral - Written by Jordan Tannahill, Directed by Molly Donahue 
The Motherf*** with the Hat - Written by Stephen Adly Guirgis, Directed by Adam Zarowski


Various works include: 

The Brutal F**King Death of The Drunkard, The Immigrant, The Durable, The Juggernaut; “Iron” Mike Malloy - by Klae Bainter, Directed By Sam Nelson 
N/N - by Ivan Mosley, Directed by Lloyda Alicia Garrett 
The Long Memoriam - by Eryn Mcvay, Directed by Molly H. Donahue 
The Model Congressman by Steven Strafford, Directed By Tyler Everett Adams



This Is Not What I Expected When I Imagined a Republic by Daria Miyelo Marinelli, Directed by Ameenah Kaplan 
Spring Awakening  - Music by Duncan Sheik, Lyrics and Book by Steven Sater, Directed by Alan Patrick Kenney, Music Direction by Brent Frederick 


Macbeth by William Shakespeare, Directed by Dustin Brown 
Blood at the Root by Dominique Morisseau, Directed by Tiffany Nichole Greene 

27th Annual Seabury Quinn, Jr. Playwrights’ Festival 

Various works include:  

Be Head by third-year playwright John Hendel 
The Martha Mitchell Effect by third-year playwright Skye Robinson Hillis 
A Woog Among the Waves by first-year playwright Steven Strafford 
To Be a Starfish by first-year playwright Wendy-Marie Martin 
A Perfect Day Away by second-year playwright Klae Bainter 
what the Gods gave me by first-year playwright Eryn Elyse McVay 
All to Bear in Heaven by second-year playwright Ivan Mosley 


School of Theater presents

Silent Sky by Lauren Gunderson
 Directed by Shelley Delaney
She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen (Alumnus, 2002) Directed by Brian Evans

Style Lab Projects

Big Love by Charles Mee
 Directed by Corey Ragan
Pluto by Steve Yockey 
Directed Dustin Brown

26th Annual Seabury Quinn, Jr. Playwrights’ Festival


The Wolves by Sarah DeLappe
The PostWOUB

365 Days/365 Plays by Suzan-Lori Parks
The PostWOUB, Athens News

Cabaret by Masteroff, Kander and Ebb
The Post, WOUB, Athens News

Holly Down in Heaven by Kara Lee Corthron
The Post, WOUBAthens News

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
The Post, WOUBAthens News

25th Seabury Quinn, Jr. Playwrights' Festival


In the Next Room, or the Vibrator Play - by Sarah Ruhl, Directed by Shelley Delaney
Top Girls - by Caryl Churchill, Directed by Allison Epperson

Style Lab Projects

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot - by Stephen Adly Guirgis, Directed by Jonathan Hetler
Failure: A Love Story - by Philip Dawkins, Directed by Anne McAlexander
The Government Inspector - by Nikolai Gogol / Translated by Jeffrey Hatcher, Directed by Dennis Delaney
The Skin of Our Teeth - by Thornton Wilder, Directed by Ben Stockman

24th Annual Seabury Quinn, Jr. Playwrights’ Festival


The Library - by Scott Z. Burns, directed by Shelley Delaney
The Ladies Man - adapted by Charles Morey, originally by Georges Feydeau, directed by Dennis Delaney

Style Lab Projects

Machinal - by Sophie Treadwell, directed by Ben Stockman
Mrs. Packard - by Emily Mann, directed by Allison Epperson
Stupid F***Ing Bird - by Aaron Posner, directed by David Haugen
The Rover - by Aphra Behn, directed by Brian Evans

23rd Annual Seabury Quinn, Jr. Playwrights’ festival


Elbows Off the Table - directed by Rebecca VerNooy
The Penelopiad - by Margaret Atwood, directed by David Haugen
Much Ado About Nothing - by William Shakespeare, directed by Dennis Lee Delaney
Urinetown - directed by Dan Dennis
Intimate Apparel - by Lynn Nottage, directed by Shelley Delaney

22nd Seabury Quinn Jr. Playwrights Festival


bobrauchenbergamerica by Charles Mee, directed by Daniel C. Dennis

Rashomon by Ivor Benjamin, from the stories of Ryonosuke Akutagawa, translated by Jane Guaschi, directed by Brian Evans and Rebecca VerNooy

Marathon ’33 by June Havoc, directed by Aurora Held

Noises Off by Michael Frayn, directed by Dennis Lee Delaney

21st Seabury Quinnn Jr. Playwrights’ Festival

Other Projects

Anton in Show Business by Jane Martin, directed by Dennis Lee Delaney
The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekov, directed by Kerry Glamsch
Bloodknot by Athol Fugard, directed by Shelley Delaney
Sizwe Bansi is Dead by Athol Fugard, directed by Michael Ofori


Metamorphoses by Mary Zimmerman, directed by Rebecca VerNooy
Swimming in the Shallows by Nick Bock directed, by David Haugen
As You Like It by William Shakespeare directed by Shelley Delaney

20th Seabury Quinn Jr., Playwrights' Festival

Rust on Bone by Chanel Glover
Poor Bob by Anthony Ellison

Directing Projects

Cloud 9 by Caryl Churchill, directed by Ryan Holihan
Klauzal Square by Sarah Gauncher, directed by Aurora Held
Crooked by Catherine Trieschmann, directed by Kerry Glamsch


Mr. Marmalade by Noah Haidle
Assassins Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, Book by John Weidman
Lysistrata by Aristophanes (adapt. by Ellen McLaughlin)
The Rose Tattoo by Tennessee Williams

19th Seabury Quinn, Jr. Playwright's Festival


War is F***ing Awesome by Qui Nguyen (Vampire Cowboys)
The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Diana of Dobson's by Cicely Hamilton
Eurydice by Sara Ruhl

18th Seabury Quinn, Jr. Playwright's Festival


Man Equals Man by Bertold Brecht
The Misanthrope by Moliere translated, by Richard Wilbur
Holiday by Phillip Barry
Well by Lisa Kron

17th Seabury Quinn, Jr. Playwright's Festival


The Hostage by Brendan Behan
The Wonderful World of Dissocia by Anthony Neilson
Marisol by Jose Rivera
Loves Labour's Lost by William Shakespeare

16th Seabury Quinn, Jr. Playwright's Festival


Blue Surge by Rebecca Gilman
What the Butler Saw by Joe Orton
Trojan Woman by Euripides interpreted by Ellen McLaughlin
The Tempest by William Shakespeare

15th Seabury Quinn, Jr. Playwright's Festival


Knock Me a Kiss by Charles Smith
Spring Awakening by Frank Wedekind
Betty's Summer Vacation by Christopher Durang
Macbett by Eugene Ionesco

14th Seabury Quinn, Jr. Playwright's Festival