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Master of Applied Arts in Health
Accelerated 1-year degree

Master of Applied Arts in Health

Program Overview

[MA5059] Master of Applied Arts in Health is a 30-credit hour, hybrid, 1-year program (Fall, Spring, Summer)

The Master of Applied Arts in Health (MAAH) provides opportunities for fine artists (visual artists, musicians, dancers, performers, filmmakers, writers, etc) to expand their practice by learning advanced knowledge and practical skills necessary to safely and effectively apply their arts practice within healthcare and public health settings.

Designed for students with an undergraduate degree in fine arts, students in the program will learn a breadth of foundational concepts related to Arts in Health theory, practice, and research. Students will also take electives chosen from across disciplines where the arts and health intersect. Program synthesis experiences include facilitating arts-based practices during a supervised community volunteer experience, and a culminating summer internship at a site where arts in health programming is well-established and an on-site supervisor is available.

The MAAH is not a clinical degree. Artists and managers who work in arts in health cooperate with music and arts therapists understanding the care in maintaining boundaries between scope of practices. The intent for practitioners in arts in health is to create art, recognizing that engaging in various art forms promotes health and wellbeing outcomes.

All required classes are offered online either through Athens campus online course offerings or OHIO Online. Some elective courses are in-person. Students are expected to complete in-person volunteer and internship hours in-person at a site local to the student. Students enrolled full-time can expect to complete the degree in 12 months.

Goals and Outcomes:

  • Students will be able to articulate various ways that the fine arts can impact the health and wellness of  communities.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate arts-based experiences with communities served where arts in health practices exist.
  • Students will be able to advocate for arts in health experiences when speaking to health practitioners, families served, and other arts in health stakeholders.
  • Students will be able to safely and effectively apply their arts practice within healthcare and public health settings

Culminating Professional Internship

The culminating experience occurs during the summer semester when students take the professional internship course, a minimum 10 week and 180 contact hour experience, applying 9 credits to the total 30 credits required for completion of the program.

The purpose of the Arts in Health Professional Internship course is to provide students in the Applied Arts in Health Master's Degree an in-depth immersive culminating experience where they can synthesize knowledge and skill learned from their program coursework. Students will be given many opportunities to observe, participate, and lead Arts in Health practices on site at an approved Arts in Health facility or program. Provided with Arts in Health professional on-site supervision, students will also be required to complete a culminating final project approved by the site supervisor and class professor related to Arts in Health practices at the internship.

Sample Coursework:

IART 5801 - Introduction to Arts in Health

IART 5802 - Arts in Health Community Project

FAR 5403 - The Artist in Healthcare

FAR 5901 - Special Topics in Arts in Health

FAR 5911 - Arts in Health Professional Internship

Opportunities Upon Completion

Arts in Health is a fast-growing new discipline in the United States and the need for artists to provide meaningful experiences for patrons who receive health related services is growing. 

Type of careers and advanced education students can explore with this degree include working in mental health fields, in public health, medical settings, and in a variety of public art fields and practices.

Admission Requirements & Eligibility:

Terms of Entry: Fall and possible Spring or Summer entry.

In addition to the standard application to the OHIO Graduate College, this MAAH degree program requests a letter of interest from the applicant and a fine arts portfolio. We will assess “equivalent” arts experience based on the required letter of interest and the required portfolio submission that demonstrates the applicant’s art practice.

Degree Details

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Program Contact:

For more information and answers to questions, please contact:

Sharon R. Boyle, D.H.Sc., M.M., MT-BC
Associate Professor of Music Therapy
Director of Arts in Health



Graduate Certificate in Arts in Health

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