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An interdisciplinary resource

Supporting diverse creative processes and products with contemporary resources

The CREATE_space is an interdisciplinary resource for Ohio University students, faculty and staff, for creative research exploring Arts, technology, and entrepreneurship. The space is available to undergraduates, entrepreneurs, honor tutorial college students, graduates, doctoral students, faculty and staff, providing various resources, including consultations, training, select services, and equipment.

Our goal is to encourage and support a center of diverse creative processes and products, with an emphasis on the contemporary and collaborative. As The CREATE␣space is an evolving part of Ohio University’s College of Fine Arts, our mission is to provide a central venue for creative research, some of which may include entrepreneurial ideas.

Equipment and Resources

The CREATE_space offers a bank of equipment resources for you to use in your creative research. From still and video cameras, audio recorders, AV equipment, computers and more, our wide range of creative tools empower you to stretch your creative vision to the limit.

Equipment List [PDF]

Reserve Equipment and Resources

If you are interested in or need of borrowing equipment to investigate or complete your creative research, we may be able to help. To reserve equipment, please call 740-593-0695, email varneyk@ohio.edu, or see us in person. One of our staff will help you create the reservation in our software.

Services Offered

The Create_space houses large-format printers, vinyl cutters, 3D printers, and other resources for creative research exploring art, technology, and entrepreneurship. In order to use these resources you can schedule a service session with the CREATE_space to ensure our availability, or drop in during open hours. If you do not plan ahead, we cannot guarantee that the equipment or consumables you desire to use will be available. These services are not for marketing or advertising work.

To schedule a service session, please call 740-593-0695, email us or see us in person. One of our staff will help you reserve a time for services.

Creative Consultation

Do you need assistance figuring out how to accomplish your idea? Please reach out and we’d be happy to set up a time to discuss your project goals and needs. Stop on by and check out what we have to offer, or schedule a meeting or tour with the CREATE_space manager Kevin Varney at varney@ohio.edu.


301A Seigfred Hall
Athens, Ohio 45701

Hours of Operation

Please use the following hours to plan access to equipment, services, etc. If you need additional access or have questions regarding facilities or equipment, please email Kevin Varney at varneyk@ohio.edu


to be announced soon


to be announced soon


Computer Lab (Rm 303) access is available whenever CREATE_space staff are present and there is no class in session in the lab. If the room is locked, please see staff in room 301 to have the room unlocked.


Laser Cutter is available by appointment only. Please use the sign-up sheet outside of room 301 to sign up for a time slot to use the laser cutter. You may sign up for up to 2 hours at a time during monitored hours (gray blocks are monitored). Hours are posted on the sign-up sheet.  

Contact CREATE_space

To speak with the CREATE_space manager, please email Kevin Varney at varneyk@ohio.edu.