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School of Art + Design BFA Degree and Concentration Area Application

[This application is for currently enrolled Ohio University students only.]


How and When to Apply

Currently enrolled students can declare B.F.A. degree areas and degree concentration areas in the School of Art + Design in the fall and spring semesters during open application cycles.

Application Form and Deadlines


FALL 2023

Accepting applications:
February 10–March 10, 2023
Accepting Applications:
September 10–October 10, 2023

BFA Application Form

School of Art + Design
BFA Application Checklist


NOTE: This form is for currently enrolled Ohio University students to apply to one of the following BFA degrees or concentration areas including the BFA in Graphic Design, BFA in Interior Architecture or the BFA in Studio Art (with identified concentration area).


BFA Application Checklist: (see tips & guidelines)

  1. Document 5-10 of your best original works in any media. All submitted materials should represent your best original work. (See tips & guidelines above for instructions for photographing your work and preparing your materials.
  2. Documentation must include title, media, size, and year for each work.
  3. Should be submitted in the form of a single PDF document.

    • Please upload a single PDF that includes documentation of 5-10 original artworks. For videos or other time-based or interactive documentation, provide a hyperlink in place of an image. Next to each artwork, include the title, media, size, and year completed.
    • Your name and contact info should be at the top of the PDF, and you should include your name in the file’s title.
    • Please note: only one single file can be uploaded to this form, so please prepare your documentation accordingly.

    • Alternatively, documentation of artwork can be submitted by providing a link to a shared document folder (such as in Drop Box or Google Drive) or to a personal website.
  4. Complete the following application form You will be prompted to upload the PDF or linked documentation.
  5. Notification of results will be sent to your student email address ( within approximately 2 weeks of the deadline.

Questions about Portfolio Preparation:
Email Kevin Varney at

Questions about application form and process:
Email Melissa Riddle at

Common Questions:

1. Will I get a studio if I am accepted into BFA Studio?

There are only a small number of studio spaces available for undergraduate use. Only students who have been accepted into a Concentration Area are eligible for studio space, and each Area has a different process for determining which students will have access to the limited studio spaces.

2. What if my application is denied? Can I re-apply?

Yes. Applications are accepted both Fall and Spring terms. Discuss with your advisor what steps are needed prior to re-application. For example, if your application was denied because of a GPA deficiency, your advisor can suggest which course(s) should be re-taken to most efficiently raise your GPA.

3. Can I appeal the decision?

Yes. If you feel you have been unjustly denied entry to a BFA program, you may submit a written statement to the Director outlining the situation.

4. I am applying to change my major. Do I need to do anything else other than fill out the above BFA Application?

Any student switching majors will need to complete the Application for Update of Academic Program form here:

5. I'm declaring or changing my concentration, do I need to do anything else? 
For Studio Art majors who are declaring or changing a concentration area, there is no further action required.


Tips & Guidelines:

A selection of guidelines and tutorials to assist students in the creation of PDF portfolios, slideshows, and artwork documentation tips.

Artwork Documentation Tips


2-D Documentation:

3-D Documentation:


How to Create a PDF Portfolio

Generating a PDF from Multiple Files in Acrobat:

  • Make sure that you have all of your individual files ready to go.
    HINT: You can store them in a dedicated folder to make the process easier.
    • 5-10 images of your artwork (JPG or PDF)
      • Make sure images are labeled with:
        (dimensions) HxWxD (D is only needed for 3D work)
      • Do this while editing/touching up images in Photoshop or Pixlr or when you are compiling the PDF in Acrobat. If text gets in way of images too much for 2D work, you can add an image list as a word document at the end of your PDF
  1. Open up Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Follow Menu Items:
    • File>
      Combine Files into a Single PDF...
  3. From the Combine Files window:
    • Drag and drop your files into the window from your folder, select your files from the drop down menu (looks like a sheet of paper with a plus sign) or press Command Shift I (capital i) Once you have added your files to the combine files window:
    • Arrange the files in the desired order by clicking and dragging.
      • 5-10 labeled images
  4. Once editing and arranging is complete, save the document:
    • File>
      Save as Adobe PDF with name: "BFA Application_LastName"