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Journal Entry Tool (JET)

What is Jet

The Journal Entry Tool (JET) is an application that allows campus users to prepare and upload journal entries to the General Ledger and Grants modules using an Excel spreadsheet.

The tool utilizes a standard JET Excel template that is populated with the lines for the journal entry by any individual (Preparer) on campus. The journal can include lines to be posted to both the GL and the Grants module. If the preparer is also a JET Processor, they can continue to process their journal entry. If the preparer does not have JET access, they must submit their spreadsheet to a JET Processor in their department/planning unit who can process the file in JET.

Training & Resources

Requesting Access

Journal Categories & Descriptions
Rules & Guidelines
Reversal Process
Internal Billings
Accounting Corrections
Finding Transactions in OBI

Browser Compatibility

When accessing JET, please ensure you are using one of the browsers listed at:

Oracle e-Business Suite also requires the latest version of Java. You can download the latest version of Java through the Software Center app located in the start menu of all Ohio University computers.

You will need to use multi-factor authentication (opens in a new window) to access e-Business suite.


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