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Buying Capital Equipment on a PCard

When using a Purchasing Card to buy capital equipment (equipment with a cost greater than $5,000) the following information must be provided in the comments section of Concur:

  • Manufacturer's name, serial number and model number;
  • Acquisition date or date received;
  • Location of equipment;
  • Unit acquisition cost (if not clearly identified);
  • Name of department taking ownership.

A copy of the transaction receipt must be sent to, within five business days of receiving the item. The Pcard transaction reference number must be noted on the receipt.  Refer to Policy 19.054, "Equipment Inventory Control” and Policy 55.074, “Purchasing Card” for more detail.

If non-capital equipment is purchased and the total transaction amount is greater than $5,000, please write a brief description of items purchased and the cost breakdown in the notes section for clarity.