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Ground Transportation

OHIO Travel Policy: University Policy No. 41.121 - Reimbursement for Official Travel and Entertainment

OHIO has contracted with Christopherson Business Travel (CBT)(opens in a new window) for all of our travel needs. CBT's services can be accessed through Concur(opens in a new window), via phone at 866.266.8806 or email at

Rental cars

The University has contracts with Enterprise/National and Hertz for rental cars.

Enterprise/National and Hertz rentals must be booked through Concur or Christopherson Business Travel (CBT). The rental car discount rates are only available through Concur or CBT and will be billed to our Central Travel Account card (CTA) when this option is selected as a payment option. So you must be sure when making reservations to select the CTA card as the payment option – it does not happen automatically. If you fail to select the payment method, the traveler will be required to present a credit card at check-in.

Note about Insurance:

  • Domestic Business Travel: You do not need the additional insurance when traveling domestically with Hertz or Enterprise/National. The University already has insurance in place for rental cars.
  • International Business Travel: When traveling internationally, you MUST purchase the additional insurance for the rental car to ensure compliance with insurance laws within the country you are travelling.

There are rental car companies other than Hertz and Enterprise/National in Concur for bookings. When booking a company other than Hertz or Enterprise/National through CBT/Concur, you will be required to provide a PCard/travel card or a personal card upon car pickup.

Personal Vehicle use

Use of a personal vehicle is reimbursed on a mileage basis at the federal mileage rate in effect at the time of travel. You may not purchase gas for a personal vehicle on a PCard. Mileage reimbursements rates are determined at least annually and announced by the IRS. These rates are loaded into Concur. The mileage rates for current and prior years is available at

Booking non-traditional transportation

Uber, Lyft and traditional taxi services have been pre-approved by Risk Management for transportation needs. You must be very careful when paying for Uber and Lyft with a University travel or PCard because these companies store card information.