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Paying for Travel

OHIO has contracted with Christopherson Business Travel (CBT) for all of our travel needs.  CBT's services can be accessed through Concur, via phone at 866.266.8806 or email at

There are a variety of options available to pay for the components of individual travel. The below grid details when to use the Central Travel Account (CTA), a PCard or travel card, and a personal card. See the Group Travel and Event Planning page for related payment options.

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PLEASE NOTE: All flights and hotels must be booked through CBT, with the exception of hotels booked through a conference registration process using an approved payment method.

Expense Type Expense Pcard or travel card CTA Personal card  Notes
Airfare Employee Y Y N**

**For exception, submit a request to Finance Customer Care

Airfare Guest/Student Y Y Y  
Airfare Group N Y N  
Lodging: Conference Hotel Employee Y N Y  
Lodging: Conference Hotel Guest/Student Y N Y  
Lodging: Hotel Employee Y N Y  
Lodging: Hotel Guest/Student Y N Y  
Lodging: Hotel Group N Y N  
Lodging: Approved Non-Traditional University dorms, AirBNB, VRBO Y N Y  
Lodging: Other Non-Traditional EX: Hostels, Field Stations, Campgrounds Y N Y These require approval through planning unit CFAO, using the Lodging and Safety Questionnaire.
Ground Transportation Rental Car Y N* Y *Enterprise/National and Hertz will be direct billed to the CTA if booked through Concur.CBT.
Ground Transportation Shuttle Service Y N Y *This is for on the spot shuttle services only. Please see purchasing guide for pre-arranged services.
Ground Transportation Taxi Y N Y  
Ground Transportation Uber/Lyft Y N Y  
Meals Employee N N N Per diem only (75% for first and last day)
Meals Guest/Student N N N Per diem only (75% for first and last day)
Meals Business meeting Y N Y  


  • The CTA card is available only through Concur or directly with CBT
  • Business travel charged to a personal card will be reimbursed after travel

Per Diem (Meals and Incidentals)

Per Diem is a rate set by the GSA for personal meals and incidentals (tips, etc.) and is a flat rate based on where you are travelling. The University allows up to the standard GSA rate for all travel with the first and last day of travel reduced to 75% of the GSA rate. This in consistent with IRS requirements. If meals are provided, you are still entitled to the incidental expense allocation. Concur will calculate this for you when you mark your meals as provided.

No receipts are required to claim Per Diem.

Planning units may be more restricting on the amount of per diem allowed for your trip. Please check with your planning unit to determine if restrictions exist prior to your travel.

Please note that business meetings are reimbursable based on actual expenses. Attendees must be listed in your travel report and any employees in attendance must reduce any per diem claims for the included meal.

Quick Reference Guides:

Same Day travel

Per IRS guidelines, we do not pay Per Diem for same day travel unless it includes a hotel room for extended rest before returning to campus.


Tipping should be limited to what is customary in the area you are traveling/meeting.

In the US, customary tipping is 20%. Please note that per diem includes tips for personal meals, bell hops, etc. These expenses should not be claimed separately. If you have purchased a business meal, tip can be added to the payment/reimbursement. Some resources that may help are and


Travel advances are available when traveling with students requires you to provide daily Per Diem to them or when pre-travel issue of funds is justified by the circumstances of travel and when the University card cannot meet the needs of the trip. The Cash Advance Request form is located at

There is a Travel Advance Quick Reference Guide available to assist you. Please request your advance as soon as you have identified the need to allow Accounts Payable sufficient time for processing. We will issue the advance up to 3 business days prior to travel.

We do not issue cash advances for employee per diem unless travel is greater than 15 days.

University Cards and International Travel

If you are traveling internationally and will be using a university card, contact Bank of America at the number on the back of the card to notify them where you will be traveling. If you do not contact the bank, international transactions may be considered fraudulent and your card may be suspended by the bank.

Also send an email with your dates of travel to to make the Card Administrator aware as well.