Ohio University

Finance Operating Calendar

March 2021 IDC Distribution Posted 4/15/21
April 2021 IDC Distribution

Scheduled for 5/7/21

Final Upload of April JET entries for Grants Module accounts Tuesday, May 4, 10 p.m.
Final April Grants Module information available in OBI

Thursday, May 6

Final Upload of April JET entries for GL accounts(Non-Grant Module accounts) Thurs, May 6, Noon
Final April information available in OBI Friday, May 7

The Finance Operating calendar is available in two formats: an Excel spreadsheet and an Outlook view. The Excel Calendar (Updated 3/8/21) contains a listing of all events, for campus and Finance employees, throughout the fiscal year and allows sorting and filtering to create a custom view for the user. This sheet starts chronologically, but can be sorted and filtered based on:

  • Fiscal Year
  • Date
  • Office
  • Campus View
  • Event Category

For those users who wish to see events within a calendar view, a shared Campus View Finance Operating calendar has been created. OHIO employees can add this as a shared calendar in Outlook to overlay upcoming events with their own calendars. To add the Campus View Finance Operating calendar as a shared calendar, please see the steps below based upon your application.

Outlook Desktop Application

  1. In Calendar view, select the Home tab
  2. In the Manage Calendars group, choose Open Calendar and then Open Shared Calendar...
  3. Type "Ohio University Finance and HR" into the search box and then click OK
  4. This will add the calendar to your Shared Calendars and can be hidden or viewed by toggling the checkbox next to it

Outlook Web Application (Catmail)

  1. In Calendar view, select Add calendar from the top bar, and then From directory
  2. Type "Ohio University Finance and HR" into the first search box and select it from the dropdown when it appears
  3. Click Open
  4. This will add the calendar to Your calendars and can be hidden or viewed by toggling the highlighted state on the calendar name

For more information about viewing shared calendars, please read Outlook's support on viewing multiple calendars at the same time.