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Finance Operating Calendar

August 2021 IDC Distribution Posted 9/14/21
September 2021 IDC Distribution

Scheduled for 10/12/21

Final Upload of September JET entries for Grants Module accounts Mon, Oct 4, 10 p.m
Final September Grants Module information available in OBI Wed, Oct 6
Final Upload of September JET entries for GL accounts(Non-Grant Module accounts) Wed, Oct 6, Noon
Final September information available in OBI Thursday, Oct 7

The Finance Operating calendar is available as an Excel spreadsheet. The Excel Calendar (Updated 9/29/21) contains a listing of all events, for campus and Finance employees, throughout the fiscal year and allows sorting and filtering to create a custom view for the user. This sheet starts chronologically, but can be sorted and filtered based on:

  • Fiscal Year
  • Date
  • Office
  • Campus View
  • Event Category