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Finance Operating Calendar

October IDC DistributionNovember 16
November IDC DistributionScheduled for Dec 18
Final Upload of December JET entries for Grants Module accountsWed, Jan 3, 10 pm
Final December Grants Module information available in OBIFri, Jan 5
Final Upload of December JET entries for GL accounts(Non-Grant Module accounts)Fri, Jan 5, Noon
Final December information available in OBIMon, Jan 8

The Finance Operating calendar is available as an Excel spreadsheet. The Excel Calendar (Updated 12/1/23) contains a listing of all events, for campus and Finance employees, throughout the fiscal year and allows sorting and filtering to create a custom view for the user. This sheet starts chronologically, but can be sorted and filtered based on:

  • Fiscal Year
  • Date
  • Office
  • Campus View
  • Event Category