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Azure Multi-Factor Authentication

Ohio University will be migrating to Azure MFA over the next year. Looking for information on Duo Mobile? Visit Duo Multi-Factor Authentication.


Multi-factor authentication protects you against lost or stolen passwords by adding a verification step to your OHIO login.


  • Verify with a mobile app, passcode, or automated phone call.
  • "Remember me for 30 days" option for frequently used browsers and devices.
  • Manage your devices from any multi-factor-enabled OHIO login.
  • Option to enable multi-factor for all services that use the standard OHIO login page.
  • Much harder for a cyber attacker to access your account because a login requires both a correct password and access to your device for authentication.


  • Faculty, Staff, Emeriti, Students, and Alumni.
  • Depending on your role at the university and the systems or data you have access to, you may be required to use multi-factor authentication when signing into certain services.

How to Access

Before you can start using multi-factor authentication, you will need to enroll. After you have enrolled, services that are protected with multi-factor authentication will prompt you automatically to verify your login.